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February Newsletter

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1) Pre-registration Discount: Secret Door Pitchfests

2) Winner Announced: Great Movie Idea Contest

3) Script Sales - January

4) NEXT DEADLINE: March 1st - Writing Competitions

5) Contest-winner "Killing Season" in Production

6) Script Pipeline Recommends: It's On the Grid

7) SUCCESS STORY: Contest Finalists Option Script


Pre-registration Discount: Secret Door Pitchfests

Secret Door Pitchfest - May, June, & August

Secret Door Pitchfest
presented by Script Pipeline

2012 Dates:

May 12th, June 23rd, August 4th


After a hugely successful 2011, the Secret Door Pitchfest returns this summer to Los Angeles with three convenient options in May, June, and August.  Pre-register to one or more events before March 1st for a discounted rate. 

Previous companies have included Lakeshore Entertainment, Gersh, Principal Entertainment, FilmEngine, Darko, Bold Films, and other high-end production companies, managers, and agents.

Everyone attending will receive the following:

--One-on-one meetings with 20-30 companies (confirmed list TBD)

--Pitch consultation with a Script Pipeline Development Exec ($100 value)

--1-year Script Pipeline Writers Database membership ($100 value)

--Two (2) FREE entries to the 2012 Script Pipeline Screenwriting or TV Writing Competitions ($90 value)

*Spaces limited to 100 writers*


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Winner Announced: Great Movie Idea Contest

With over 400 entries to the 1st Annual Great Movie Idea Contest, a high-concept comedy pitch from Shane Free staked claim to the competition's top spot.

The new contest was launched to discover original feature film concepts meriting development.  But Pipeline judges had a tough time narrowing down the field to one--turns out entrants worldwide had a ton of great ideas. 

After reviewing each concept in detail, it was clear that, while there was a standout winner, three other concepts were ripe for development. 

As a result, the following runners-up were selected: James K. Watts, Annalisa Koukouves, and Erica Clethen.  They, too, will receive one-on-one assistance from Script Pipeline and industry circulation for their pitch.

Besides awarding the $1,000 cash prize to the winner, Pipeline execs have already begun the process of working with Shane to fine-tune the idea and prepare it for in-person meetings with FilmEngine, Darko Entertainment, and Lakeshore, as well as other companies in Script Pipeline's industry network. 

"We're eager to develop and present Shane's pitch to the proper industry channels," Script Pipeline CEO and producer Chad Clough said.  "Sean has a high-concept idea, and we look forward to showing it to studios."

Check back soon for updates!

Next Contest Opening in March

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Recent Script Sales - January

  George Clooney              

What might be one of the more original spins on the typical true WWII story, George Clooney is set to star and direct The Monuments Men, where a group of historians and curators embark on a mission to rescue art stolen by the Nazis.  While it's not confirmed, Jim Carrey may reprise his role as Bruce in a sequel to Bruce Almighty.  Toy giant Hasbro is entering the film world with scripts based on Stretch Armstrong and the board game Candyland.  And if you haven't had your fill from the first three Paranormal Activity movies, you'll have a fourth shot at horror.

Other script sales include:

- Kids and people-who-were-not-so-long-ago-kids, rejoice: Ben 10 is coming to the big screen.

- In the hopes of squeezing every last possible story from the X-men, a sequel to X-men: First Class.

- The found-footage horror script, Bermuda, chronicling a missing documentary crew.  Sounds like one of the cooler found footage concepts, at least. . . .

- Chris Hemsworth returns as the Norse god in Thor 2.

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NEXT DEADLINE: March 1st, Writing Competitions

*$100k Cash & Prizes*
*Finalist scripts reviewed by 200 companies*

New Writers Database members get one FREE ENTRY

2012 Screenwriting Competition

NEXT DEADLINE: March 1st - Entry fee $45

With more major writer success stories in the past two years than any other competition, the 10th Annual Script Pipeline Screenwriting Contest sets its sights on discovering up-and-coming creative talent and connecting them with top production companies, agencies, and managers.

Most recently, former contest winner Evan Daugherty sold his spec Snow White and the Huntsman to Universal for $3 million, and 2010 winner Tripper Clancy was hired by Fox as a comedy writer after securing representation with Script Pipeline industry partner FilmEngine.  2011 winner Tyler Smith signed with a manager and WME agent in September, and 2011 finalist script Shed was optioned.


2012 TV Writing Competition

NEXT DEADLINE: March 1st - Entry fee $45

Now in its 5th year, the Script Pipeline TV Writing Competition is searching for the best in TV material. Accepted entries include reality or idea proposals, spec scripts for existing shows, and original pilots.


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Contest-winner Killing Season in Production

Killing Season - Robert De Niro

The Hollywood spotlight is on Georgia, as Robert De Niro and John Travolta begin production on Script Pipeline contest-winner Killing Season in the state's northern mountains.  Millennium Films (Rambo, The Mechanic) and Corsan producing, with Mark Steven Johnson (Ghost Rider) at the helm. 

"I thought about writing a typical “cabin in the woods” horror movie," writer Evan Daugherty said. "But those have been done to death.  Then I stumbled onto the idea of doing a “cabin in the woods” political thriller."

Travolta plays a Serbian war veteran bent on revenge against De Niro, provoking a one-on-one battle in the Appalachian Mountains.

"I’ve loved this project from the moment I read the remarkable script,” said Paul Breuls, CEO of Corsan. “It’s thrilling, imaginative, unexpected, and dominated by two extraordinary characters on a collision course."

The screenplay gained prominence after winning the 2008 Script Pipeline Screenwriting Competition.  Evan is rep'd by Pipeline contact Jake Wagner (FilmEngine).

The film is set for a 2014 release.

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Script Pipeline Recommends: It's On the Grid


View the 2011 Pitch Sales Scorecard

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SUCCESS STORY: Contest Finalist Options Script

After placing in the top 20 of the 2011 Script Pipeline Screenwriting Competition, Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kolsch signed with Script Pipeline industry partner Andrew Kersey (Kersey Management).   

"Shed is such an intense and creepy reading experience," said Andrew.  "Dennis and Kevin definitely have the goods, and I'm excited to be working with them."

Both writers are eager to move the script forward to production.

"We're excited to be working with a producer like Josh Goldstein," Dennis said.  "He's hungry, he gets the script, and he has a plan that we believe in."

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