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2016 Script Pipeline Screenwriting and TV Writing Competition Finalists

Results for the 2016 Script Pipeline Screenwriting and TV Writing Competitions have now been selected. The winner and runner-up for each competition will be announced at Script Pipeline’s writer/industry event on July 23rd in Los Angeles.

Screenwriting Finalists

Alternate Ending by Michael Noonan
Ballerina Girl by Evan Cooper
Becoming Bessie by C. Paloma Martinez
Cinderella Must Die by Matteo R. Bernardini & Penelope Chai
CMYK by Stacia Black & Matt Ferrone
The Coat by Ross Saxon
Control Room by Gabriel Dowick & Ben Phelps
Cut Its Head Off by Andrew Martin Robinson
Death Of An Ortolan by Justin Piasecki
The Dragon Run by Bradley Stryker
#Escape by Michael Noonan
Halfway by Lukas Hassel
Inward by Tyler Theofilos
The Losing Kind by Ben Watts & Ivan Kander
Metronome by Ben Jones & Samuel Cheung
Sargent by Julia Batavia
Slut by Nadeem Siddiqui
Suicide Run by Sylvia Batey Alcala
Sunburst by Mark Wilson & Chris Retts
We Were Here by Noelle Liljedahl

TV Writing Finalists

40 Elephants by Kay Tuxford & E.S. Dahl
America’s Least Wanted by Ben Deeb & Graham Towers
Cartella by Brianna Janes
Franchise by Diana Wright
Hello, I Live Here by Dani Messerschmidt
History’s Greatest Monster by Jon Bershad
The Mother by Laura Bensick
Sorostitute by Michael Sorce
Widows by Laura Bensick
Wildcat by Sam Cooke & Hussain Pirani

View the Screenwriting Results

View the TV Writing Results

CALL FOR ENTRIES: 2016 First Look Project

The 5th Annual First Look Project fulfills the requests of major studios, leading Hollywood production companies, and agencies by finding high-concept material across three main categories:

• Screenplays (Action/Adventure, Comedy, Horror/Thriller, Sci-fi/Fantasy)
• Teleplays (original pilots, any genre)
• Media (produced short films and reels)

Supported by Good Fear Film + ManagementEnergy EntertainmentDarko EntertainmentLakeshore EntertainmentParadigm, and other Script Pipeline partners, the competition presents the best scripts and filmmakers to major companies. 

One winner in each category receives personal development assistance from Script Pipeline’s executive team. We will also select up to 5 finalists for each division.

Early Deadline: August 1st, 2016

Winners Announced: March 1st, 2017

Submit Your Material

Great Idea Contest Results – July 15th

We're currently in the process of finalizing our selections for the 10th Great Movie and 8th Great TV Show Idea Contests.

The winners and runners-up will be posted to the site on July 15th. We also anticipate following up with entrants who fell short of the runner-up spots to see how best we can help with the development of their work.

Check the site on Friday, July 15th for the results:

Great Movie Idea Competition
Great TV Show Idea Competition 

The 11th Great Movie and 9th Great TV Show Idea Contests will open for submissions on August 1st.

June 2016 Script Sales  

June was a good month for spec scripts across all genres. First up was Lucas Carter’s action/comedy The Gun Show. The script, which follows a cop who wakes up after a 20-year coma and is assigned to investigate the death of his old partner, was picked up by Paramount. STX Entertainment and Getaway Productions are teaming to produce 17 Bridges, a detective thriller written by Adam Mervis. Thunder Road Pictures acquired two properties in June: the spy action/drama Burn Run, written by Mitchell LaFortune and based on real events, and Trigger Warning, described as a female version of First Blood and written by Josh Olson and John Brancato. Matthew Orton’s political thriller Reason of State is moving forward with Black Bear Pictures, Silvertown Films, and Wildgaze Films. The supernatural thriller Mary, written by Anthony Jaswinski, found a home at Tooley Productions and EMJAG Productions. Finally, Moonfall, a disaster spec written by Roland Emmerich, Harald Kloser, and Spenser Cohen about a mission to stop the moon from hurtling into Earth, will move forward at Universal Pictures after a competitive bidding war. Emmerich is set to direct.


Read more script sales

Hannibal – Pilot

Hannibal may be the oddest show to ever air on network television, at least this side of Twin Peaks or Pushing Daisies. Created by Bryan Fuller (Dead Like MePushing Daisies) and based on Thomas Harris’s famous Hannibal Lecter novels, the show began as an artistic, grisly, psychological crime series with procedural elements and by its third season evolved into artistic, grisly, suspenseful, surreal quasi–love story between Dr. Lecter and his FBI nemesis Will Graham.

In short, the show felt like a cable series that somehow stumbled onto NBC, and although three seasons was way too short (Fuller only managed to tackle three of his planned six seasons), NBC should be praised for allowing this to air as long as it did. The show never lit up the ratings (Hannibal tallied respectable numbers for a premium series, but not so much for a network show), and the violence at times rivaled Dexter in its levels of gruesomeness. In lesser hands, the show could have devolved into an exercise of sadism and grotesquery, but Fuller deftly tempered whatever luridness may be inherit in the premise with stellar writing, nail-biting suspense, and a focus on the characters and their oft-dysfunctional (and psychologically unhealthy) relationships.

Read the Hannibal Pilot

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