(1) Script Pimp Named to Top 50 Best Websites for Moviemakers
(2) Chadwick Clough / Script Pimp Interview
(3) Special Offer: 30% off Workshop Services++ – September ONLY
(4) Recent Script Sales – August
(5) Script Pimp Success Stories
(6) Script Pimp Feedback: Writers Workshop and Competitions
(7) World’s Greatest Dad – Darko Entertainment’s Latest Film
(8) Script Pimp Partner Article: “The Right Hook” (Marvin Acuna)
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(10) Circus of Joy: Hollywood Improv, September 3rd
(11) Script Pimp in the News

(1) Script Pimp Named to Top 50 Best Websites for Moviemakers  

Moviemaker Magazine recently named Script Pimp one of the “Top 50 Websites for Moviemakers” in 2009.  Thanks to all our writers and analysts who have helped distinguish Script Pimp as a noted outlet for filmmakers worldwide!

Other sites included IMDB,, and Indie Producer.  For the full list:

Or visit: 

(2) Chadwick Clough / Script Pimp Interview  

Script Pimp owner Chadwick Clough was recently interviewed by Cindy Rinaldi on the company’s history, current projects, including the upcoming ensemble action/comedy Rogues Gallery, and recent success stories from the Script Pimp competitions and Writers Workshop.

Excerpt from the interview:

Q: What made you want to produce "Rogues Gallery?"

A: You know, I remember exactly where I was and how I felt after the first read. I couldn't put it down and ended up driving to Sean McKittrick's house right after I read it to say, "Stop whatever you're doing and read this." (I had met Sean, producer of "Donnie Darko," years earlier. Our mutual interest in unique independent spec scripts led to him coming on board as a consultant for Script Pimp.) I just remember thinking, "I'd go see this movie in a second and it could be really cool. The way it crosses genres was intriguing—it's a whodunit, comedy, and action packed together.

Full interview can be read on

(3) SPECIAL OFFER: 30% off Workshop Services++ – September ONLY

For September only, newsletter subscribers receive 30% off any Script Pimp Writers Workshop service, including:


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Also, anyone requesting a Consultation for September will receive Development Notes on the same or another script for FREE. 

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(4) Recent Script Sales – August 

Popular movie franchises will see further episodes, with “Hancock 2,” “Spider-man” (5 and 6), “Mission: Impossible,” “X-men: Origins,” and a new Jason Bourne film in the works.  Beatles-related projects are also planned, including a biopic of manager Brian Epstein.  Rounding out August were a number of urban/street stories, “Q School” (a golf comedy), a questionable sequel to “White Chicks,” and a remake/adaptation of “Brewster’s Millions.”

Other selected/notable sales include:

--Rob Zombie will continue his streak of gritty horror remakes with his rendition of “The Blob.”

--A adaptation of Charles Dickens’ “Great Expectations.”

--The (possibly) Steven Spielberg-directed project “Pirate Latitudes,” based on the Michael Crichton novel.  David Koepp pens the Spielberg-produced script.

--The life of music biz icon Brian Epstein, who discovered and managed The Beatles, in “A Life in the Day.”

--Walt Disney’s almost sure-to-be poignant film, “The Diary of Anne Frank.” 

--Bryan Singer may take the helms of the legendary story “Excalibur.”  This will be a remake of the previous 1980s film.

--Robert Zemeckis will helm a 3-D remake of “Yellow Submarine,” the 1968 Beatles music-based film.

(5) Script Pimp Success Stories

Former Workshop Recommends and Script Pimp writers are finding success with their screenplays and films.

Most recent updates:

Brian Watanabe, writer of “Rogues Gallery,” has signed with The Gersh Agency.

2009 Screenwriting Competition winner Troy Taylor’s script, “The Eleven,” optioned by Etch Media.

Former Script Pimp Recommend writer Sam Benavides’ short horror script MANSFIELD PATH recently completed production, and a sneak preview screened in Pasadena, CA on July 25th.  Other screenings to be planned in the near future. 

Recent Script Pimp Recommend writer Micah Barnett has been signed by Jake Wagner (Energy Entertainment).  His screenplay, THE MERC LIST, an action/thriller set in the future, was Recommended by Script Pimp in May 2009 and is now primed to make its rounds in circulation.

Former Script Pimp Recommend screenplay STRENGTH AND HONOR (dir. Mark Mahon), now a multi-award-winning film with plans for a sequel, was featured on NBC’s Today show.  The film’s star, Michael Madsen, was interviewed by Meredith Viera on his role and the film’s success, along with an appearance by writer/director Mark Mahon.  For the entire interview:

To join the film’s Facebook fan page:

Evan Daugherty, finalist and Grand Prize winner in the 2008 Script Pimp Screenwriting Competition, has been hired by Warner Bros. to write an adaptation of the 1980s series MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE.  His script, SHRAPNEL, also made The Blacklist for one of the top 100 unproduced screenplays of 2008.

Former Script Pimp Competition finalist Mandie Green recently began a writing assignment through Larry Levinson Productions to write a TV movie, “Sisterly Advice,” for the Hallmark Channel, an opportunity credited in part to contest placements for her script THE MICHAELS.

With the assistance of Kersey Management, Matt Savelloni, a former Script Pimp writer, has been placed with the agency Hohman, Maybank, and Lieb, one of the top boutique agencies in Los Angeles.  Matt is currently teamed with another writer developing two projects with high-profile producers.

More success stories:

(6) Script Pimp Feedback: Writers Workshop and Competitions

Script Pimp's Writers Workshop and 2009 Competitions have had its biggest years as far as submissions, and feedback has been especially positive.  Thanks to all the writers worldwide who took the time to send in their comments.

Some recent quotes:

“I want to thank you wholeheartedly for the great job you did on the requested additional notes on my screenplay.  I appreciate your honesty, and I will follow up on your suggestions.  I wasn't expecting to win since I was more interested and did want your feedback.  Once again, thank you, and I will keep my eye out for your future competitions.” – Helen B. (8/27)

“Wonderful feedback, very impressive and welcome.  Exceptionally well-run contest.  Thanks very much for the insights.” [regarding competition feedback] – (8/22)

“As for your evaluator, I would give him/her a 10 across the board.   Although I didn't agree with everything, the comments and suggests were all valid and smart.  In my revised script, I incorporated many of the suggestions.    Money well spent.  Thanks again.” – Mark A. (8/20)

“I have to say Script P.I.M.P. has been a great experience. The staff is always courteous and professional. Any questions are immediately answered, 24/7. The writer's database has been a fantastic resource and I look forward to continuing my relationship with the P.I.M.P.” – Sean Fallon (8/4)

“I've found SP to be very professional and proactive, even going so far as calling me the day before the contest posted, to let me know that I was a finalist. Matt, over at Script P.I.M.P, has been very communicative throughout the entire process, and answered all my questions in a timely manner. The best thing about the contest though, is that I've already received several read requests from managers and production companies.” – Jason Carreiro (8/2)

“Script P.I.M.P.'s contest is very professionally run, and so far it has been an excellent experience. I feel that the contest definitely has potential to open doors, and potentially offer significant exposure to winners and finalists. I highly recommend this contest and commend the very helpful people running it!” – Matthew Altman (7/29)

(7) World’s Greatest Dad – Darko Entertainment’s Latest Film

Congratulations to Sean McKittrick and the gang at Darko Entertainment for their new film "World's Greatest Dad,” starring Robin Williams and written/directed by Bobcat Goldthwait. 

The film is currently in limited release and premiered on VOD July 24th.  Reviews from audiences and critics have been enormously positive. 

For more info:

Clip and Trailer (Apple):

IMDB page:

Movie Home Page:

(8) Script Pimp Partner Article: “The Right Hook” (Marvin Acuna)

I recently hosted a tele-seminar that afforded aspiring screenwriters from all over the world the opportunity to listen to an insightful and stimulating discussion about screenwriting as a profession. Participants had the opportunity to ask questions that pertained to their personal challenges, communicating directly with the various guests who participated on the call. It should be noted that all the guests were successful, established veterans with at least 20 years plus of professional expertise.

Among the copious questions presented and addressed in this forum, the following question prompted me to share my thoughts here.

“I've emailed a number of managers and agents seeking representation, but have not heard back from anyone. What's the trick to securing a good agent or manager to represent me and my screenplays?”

The trick?

There is no trick. The answer lies in your introduction, your very first writing sample, and most importantly (drum roll please), your logline.

There are a vast number of tools to aid you in the pursuit of representation. I will focus your attention here on just one --- the query letter.

Most representatives delegate the trifling task of reading incoming queries to an assistant or intern. But truth is, most representatives do read queries. Even more importantly, representatives actually respond to ones that HOOK their interest.

If you are not generating any interest from query letters, it simply means that you need to redraft your letter and specifically your logline.

Here are three basic guidelines to consider when crafting your next query letter:

1 - Know Your Market

Targeting CAA or any of the top-tier literary representatives is simply the wrong strategy. They are shaping careers, not inventing them. They are elevating a career, not commencing one.

Targeting boutique entities that develop new talent is a more appropriate and useful strategy. New blood is welcomed. But, be original.

Do some due diligence on the target. This affords you the opportunity to personalize the letter. Hear me: I’m not suggesting that you make this some rambling saga. Keep it simple.

2 - The Right Hook

The industry is changing and will continue to evolve but, what will not change is this… Representatives are seeking material they can sell in a competitive marketplace!

Your logline is the essential ingredient. I recommend that you always introduce your most commercial, big idea. Your logline should evoke the imagination to see the movie poster, the video box.

If it doesn’t, rework your one-to-two sentence logline until it does. The goal is to entice the reader to request the script, just as a trailer’s purpose is to sell tickets. This is the “coming attractions” moment.

By distilling your screenplay idea to its most memorable form you will make it easily transferable and saleable.

3 - The First Impression

Absolutely never neglect the basics of spelling, grammar, and clear, vivid writing. This is your first impression… it matters! Your query letter itself functions partly as a writing sample.

Write a professional, intelligent, concise, intriguing query that includes a compelling and commercially viable logline and not only will you entice representatives to ask for more, but you’ll be one step closer to a sale.

About Producer Marvin V. Acuna: Recently executive produced The Great Buck Howard (John Malkovich, Tom Hanks, and Colin Hanks), Two Days (Paul Rudd, Donal Logue), and produced Touched (Jenna Elfman) and How Did It Feel (Blair Underwood).

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(9) Script Pimp Partner:

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InkTip, a screenplay facilitation company, has been helping producers, filmmakers, agents, managers and name talent find good scripts and writers since 2000.

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(10) Circus of Joy: Hollywood Improv, September 3rd

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CIRCUS OF JOY – September 3rd, Hollywood Improv


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Improv is @ 8162 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046 (323) 651-2583.

Corner of Crescent Heights and Melrose. Street parking up and down Melrose.  

Dinner is served in the front and chicken fingers in the main room.

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(11) Script Pimp in the News

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