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Script Pipeline actively searches the world for emerging film and TV writers who possess a unique voice and a desire to launch a career in the entertainment industry. Since 1999, over 200 writers have signed with managers and agents, had their scripts optioned, and saw their work produced as a result of intensive, long-term assistance from Pipeline execs.

Recent script sales include Snow White and the Huntsman by Evan DaughertyStuber by Tripper ClancyThe Incident at Sparrow Creek Lumber by Henry Dunham, as well as numerous other screenplays, pilots, and pitches, totaling over $6 million in spec sales from Pipeline writers and $1 billion in revenue from films written by Pipeline alums.

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Bridesmaids – Screenplay

By | Essential Reading - Screenplays and Pilots


Screenwriting 101 teaches you short dialogue is good dialogue. Brevity over talking heads. Dialogue-heavy scripts can only work if the dialogue is. . . well, good. Bridemaids fits the bill–and then some.

The film was critically-acclaimed as one of the best in its genre, due in part to an all-star cast that helped (further) advance the careers of its stars, prove the otherwise sobering Rose Byrne (Damages) is an incredibly talented actress, and establish Kristen Wiig and co-writer Annie Mumolo as a legitimate force for female screenwriters. Not only female screenwriters in general, but those who can write broad, mainstream comedies, rejecting the “chick flick” stereotype branding female writers.

Acting talents aside, the comic timing on the page is apparent, with each scene consistently showing the wit and heart of its characters. The result: a modern primer for students of screenwriting. Consider this Advanced Comedy Writing 201.

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