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Awake – Pilot

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Yes, it only lasted one season, but for fans of the 2012 NBC show Awake, it started off with a spectacular pilot episode–and one worth reading for aspiring TV writers. With a network landscape inundated with procedural dramas, a refreshing take on the genre was a next-to-impossible task. But the unique spin was such an original hook: a detective living disparate realities after a deadly car accident, one where his wife survived and one where his son survived, must figure out how to resolve this seemingly mental disparity while juggling his career and life in two separate worlds. What producer wouldn’t want to read that script? Again, a project that hits the “familiar-yet-different” zone, making for what must have been an easy pitch.

Conceptually, though, it would have been equally as simple to ruin the plot. Two timelines? Two interrelated stories? The same protagonist leading different lives in a procedural crime/drama? Seems like a structural nightmare.  The writers managed to pull it off and, perhaps, deliberately set up the fact this would all somehow make sense through the pilot’s opening line of dialogue: “So, tell me how it works.”

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“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” Written by Script Pipeline Contest Winner

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The reboot of the mega-popular franchise debuted at the top of the box office. Script Pipeline alum Evan Daugherty was brought on-board as co-writer. TMNT stars Megan Fox (Transformers), Will Arnett (Arrested Development), and William Fichter (The Dark Knight Rises).

Evan was later brought on to major studio projects, including Esmeralda for ABCGI Joe 3 for Paramount, Myst for Hulu, and the Tomb Raider reboot.

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Comic Series Sells to Fox with Contest Winner Attached to Adapt

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The Foundation

20th Century Fox purchased the rights to the comic miniseries The Foundation, and Script Pipeline competition winner Evan Daugherty will write the screenplay adaptation as well as serve as Executive Producer.

In addition to this feature project, Evan is writing Midnight Mass for NBC, the event series Esmeralda for ABC, and GI Joe 3 for Paramount. He’ll make his directorial debut with Ink and Bone (Dimension Films) in 2015. Previous writing credits include Snow White and the Huntsman (2012), Divergent (2014), and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014). He also wrote and directed short live-action films based on the Super Mario Bros. characters in 2013.

Evan found representation after an introduction by Script Pipeline execs Chad Clough and Matt Misetich to manager Jake Wagner (Benderspink). His contest-winning script Shrapnel was produced in 2012 and starred Robert De Niro and John Travolta.

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Dallas Buyers Club – Screenplay

By | Essential Reading - Screenplays and Pilots


Often, a film cannot realize its potential without flawless casting–and such is the case with Dallas Buyers Club. But across a current landscape of adaptations, big-budget action, low-budget horror, remakes, remakes of remakes, and derivative premises meant solely to entertain, the McConaughey drama serves as proof that digging deeper into a story and its themes, its narrative heart, will result in something special.

Throughout a screenplay that prides itself on a plain, unabashed glimpse into the relationships between vividly-drawn characters, co-writers Craig Borten and Melisa Wallack serve up what is arguably a masterpiece. Incredibly well-written for its genre, it’s one that may serve as a model for all that comes after. Yes, films are nothing without incredible actors. Yet incredible actors are nothing without a bold script that pushes dramas to an almost hypnotic level.

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Mad Men – Pilot

By | Essential Reading - Screenplays and Pilots


It’s a show that defines an era. Only not our era. Mad Men drips with glossy 1960s charm–or shameless 1960s indulgence, depending on your perspective. A soap opera, ironically, for the 21st century. The series perhaps over-dramatizes the evolution of the mid-century advertising world, but offers something in terms of unique character development that breaks our notion of what to expect in a period drama.

If you’re a part of its fan base, you have the benefit of retrospect when reading the pilot, and will immediately recognize how well Don Draper is established from the start, setting us up perfectly for what will be an intimate and profound character arc. Is Mad Men nothing more than an exaggeration? A hyperbole of those living in the most tumultuous decade of the modern era? Sure. But it’s the type of grounded glamorization that rips it out of the cliche, a style we anticipated from the episode one.

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