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First Look Project Winners

6th Annual 2017 First Look Project Results

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Dead Man’s Gulch by Rob Rex – Winner

Rob Rex is a screenwriter from Telluride, Colorado — which is important, because it says a lot about the influences that shape his writing.

Known to most for its world-class skiing, extreme sports, and year-round festivals, Rob has found (or was born with) a particular fascination with Telluride’s Wild West history of bank robbers, outlaws, miners, and bootstrappers. But there’s more to it than that. The dramatic peaks and vertical cliff faces — formed over millennia and blanketed by a night sky so dark that you can see the Milky Way with your naked eye — evoke grander schemes and otherworldly muses. Thus, both history and science-fiction intermingle in much of Rob’s work.

Rob has won a number of awards for his writing. His dual wins in Script Pipeline’s First Look Project (Action/Adventure and Sci-Fi) mark the first time in competition history that a single writer has won with two different screenplays in the same year. Rob has also won Silver and Bronze PAGE awards, two second place wins at the Cinequest Film Festival, two Top 3 placements at the Austin Film Festival, and a Semi-Final placement in the Nicholl Fellowship.

Wendigo Mike Langer – Finalist


F*ck You, John by Zac Kish – Winner

Zac Kish grew up as a military brat, bouncing from town to town, country to country, experiencing glorious adventures ranging from fishing for piranha in the Amazon to this one time he got e-coli at the bottom of Peru’s Colca Canyon and threw up on the donkey he was riding out of the valley and it got on him and it got on the donkey and it got on the guide and it was awkward and gross and pathetic and they still had like three hours to go and he still kinda feels bad for the donkey.

Zac’s writing is animated without animation… buoyant, at times over-the-top,  genre-bending, nostalgia-satisfying, dash-filled comedy that maintains the heartfelt qualities of animation within live-action. Growing up on Disney musicals, anime, superhero comics, and stop-motion Christmas specials, Zac still loves classic heart, cartoons, and innocence… then totally corrupting it with his own adult baggage.

Since recently graduating from NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study, Zac has gone on to be a semifinalist in the 2016 Academy Nicholl Fellowships, a semifinalist in the 2017 Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition, and is currently developing a project with Unique Features.

Murder Me by David Luz – Finalist


Six Letter Word by Lisanne Sartor – Winner

Lisanne Sartor gained notoriety early in life for: 1) Calling her fourth-grade teacher a female chauvinist for not letting girls play kickball with boys (a clear outrage). 2) Giving impromptu sex-ed seminars to her fifth-grade cohorts using Judy Blum’s classic FOREVER as her textbook (how proud were Sartor’s parents? Surprisingly, not very). 3) Calling her eighth-grade teacher a bitch for unfairly penalizing a fellow student for talking when in fact, Sartor was the culprit. (The vice principal told Sartor that, while he shared her opinion of said teacher, Sartor would be wise to keep such future opinions to herself. She never quite learned that lesson.)

Though Sartor seemed destined for a life of activism and politics after graduating from Yale, she instead moved to Los Angeles and became a Directors Guild assistant director via the DGA Training Program (a girl’s gotta eat). This career path made sense considering the fact that Sartor’s New Jersey Italian family’s favorite adage is: “If you want to play with the big dogs, you can’t piss like a puppy.” Being an assistant director is a tough, physical, “big dog” job and Sartor was damn good at it. But after seven years, she had a bad back, nerve damage in her feet and a Biblical appreciation for caffeine. It was time to figure out what kind of dog she truly was. She quit ADing to write screenplays and has never looked back.

Sartor subsequently got a UCLA MFA in Screenwriting, had one of her original screenplays made into a Lifetime MOW, worked on projects with various production companies, and since 2006, has helped run CineStory, a screenwriting non-profit dedicated to developing emerging screenwriters through mentorship and writers retreats.

She’s also an award-winning director who got her start at the prestigious AFI Directing Workshop for Women. Her short films have screened all over the world at wonderful festivals like Telluride and Cannes. She most recently participated in the AFI/Fox Bridge Program for Directing. She’s in the financing/casting stage of her first feature and is prepping her sixth short. She doesn’t sleep much.

And she doesn’t piss like a puppy.

Lone Wolf by Kyle Bellinger – Finalist


The Thin Place by Joe Hemphill III – Winner

Joe Hemphill is a writer currently based in Boston, MA. Originally from the Midwest, Joe left his hometown and went south to begin his career in filmmaking, attending Watkins College of Art in Nashville, TN. Here he wrote several award-winning shorts, including his acclaimed World War II film Springtime, which premiered at the Nashville Film Festival and was selected to screen at the historic Belcourt Theatre downtown. Following his stay in Music City, Joe decided to further his education at Boston University, gaining acceptance into the MFA in Screenwriting program where he is currently finishing up his master’s degree. His pilot script Can-Am recently won the Brinkerhoff Television Pilot Contest in 2017.

Along with writing, Joe has participated in over twenty-five short films and features, filling every role imaginable, including director, AD, producer, UPM, and production designer. He is a huge proponent of independent cinema and the Boston film scene. His screenplay The Christmas Party is currently in pre-production, and several others are out for finance/directors in New York and LA .

The Ones Who Stay by Jef Burnham – Finalist


Axis by Rob Rex – Winner
(see bio above)

Ink by Heidi Nyburg – Finalist


Silicon Curve by Heidi Nyburg – Winner

A first-generation US citizen born and raised in Silicon Valley, Heidi was destined for a life working in technology. She took that route and worked as an analyst in several industries. Then a friend told her about a brand new company where they rode scooters in the hallways and watched movies. Despite her lack of scooter proficiency, the movie thing was a huge draw. That company turned out to be Netflix. She spent several years there, first as an analyst and was later promoted to product management. After taking a weekend course in writing for television, Netflix founder Reed Hastings would often remark to her “that’s going in your screenplay!” Heidi thought Reed might be onto something.

After working at Netflix, Heidi graduated cum laude from San Jose State University with a degree in Television and Film. While attending SJSU, she wrote and directed several short films garnering awards for Best Screenplay and Audience Choice for Best Picture. She co-produced Spartan Film Studios’ feature film Always Learning which premiered at the Austin Film Festival as a Write/Rec selection in 2013, and was the recipient of the 2013 Rising Star Award from the Canada International Film Festival.

Heidi is also a graduate of the UCLA Professional Program in Screenwriting and the UCLA Professional Program in Television Writing. Her main focus is character-driven, hour-long dramatic television. She is thrilled to be working with Script Pipeline and honored that her original dramatic pilot Silicon Curve was chosen as the 2017 First Look Project winner.

Default by Hannah Dillon – Finalist
Panthers by Eric Anthony Glover – Finalist
It Came from Camp Valkyrie by Dani Messerschmidt – Finalist
Sorority Ghosts by Annie Pace – Finalist


Chimeras by Gianluca Minucci – Winner
Nora by Shepherd Ahlers – Finalist
The Parker Tribe by Jane Baker – Finalist
The Plague by Guillermo Carbonell – Finalist

5th Annual 2016 First Look Project Results

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Sweep by Matthew Barr – Winner

Matthew was born and raised far away from Hollywood. He grew up reading sci-fi, fantasy, and comic books, and watching each and every movie he could get his hands on. An early love for art and storytelling shaped Matthew’s drive and ambitions for the rest of his life. Majoring in Illustration at Rochester Institute Of Technology, with a minor in Creative Writing, Matthew was convinced that he wanted to create comic books for a living.

Soon after acquiring his art teaching certification, however, his love of visual storytelling began to crystallize into its purest form: movies. Matthew embarked on the perilous screenwriting journey and never looked back, incorporating all of his past experiences and skills into his writing.

After writing countless pages, placing in numerous contests, undertaking the FAST Screenplay program, and now winning the First Look Project for Action/Adventure, he’s just getting started. Above all else, though, Matthew is incredibly accomplished at writing about himself in the third person.

Ripple by Heather Faris – Finalist


Baked by Diana Wright – Winner

Diana Wright is a comedy writer and director based in her hometown of Los Angeles, CA. Growing up with an astrophysicist dad and a mom who makes weapons for the Defense Department, Diana used comedy as a way to connect with her serious (and seriously left-brain) family.

While studying at Vassar, she interned at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and fell in love with television and the intensely smart and passionate people who create it.

Diana currently writes for The Simpsons: Tapped Out and Best Fiends Forever mobile games. Her new web series #Hashtaggingwhich she wrote, directed, and produced, was an Official Selection at the 2016 New York Television Festival. Her pilot Franchise was a finalist in the Script Pipeline 2016 TV Writing Competition. And her animated pilot Magic Monkey Billionaire was one of the first four pilots placed on the Amazon Studios development slate. At the beginning of 2014, Diana was one of two people asked to join the first Nickelodeon’s Writers Room Experience in conjunction with the Nickelodeon Writing Fellowship (where she was a Finalist in 2012).  Donnie Brock PI in Knock Knock, Who’s Dead?, a film noir spoof she co-wrote and is slated to direct, was named a Finalist in the LA Comedy Festival, a Semi-Finalist in the LA Comedy Shorts Festival, and a Finalist in the JuntoBox Incubator Program.

She’s also made over 60 sketches, shorts, and web series that have been featured on Comedy Central, Funny or Die, Channel 101, Cracked, Dorkly, Fark, Atom, and DipDive, among others.

She is currently seeking representation, but trying not to seem too desperate about it.

One Day Notice by Matthew Kic & Mike Sorce – Finalist

Slammin’ by Brandon Martin – Finalist


Capture by David Scullion – Winner

David Scullion is a British-born screenwriter living in “sunny” London.

Developing a passion for the arts at a young age, his journey to screenwriting took him through a Theater Studies degree into stage acting, horror novel writing, postal working, and retail management, and finally moved into account management in Film & Television, where he’s been dwelling for almost a decade. He is currently a Technical Operations Coordinator at Lionsgate UK.

Primarily a feature writer, David Scullion is also a short filmmaker, actor, and occasional zombie. He wrote the award-winning horror short Don’t Move and gained a placement on the 4screenwriting TV course in 2013 with his horror-comedy feature Dearly Beheaded.

He has a number of features currently out for finance/directors in both the US and UK (all within the horror/thriller space).

A passion for comedy and horror, his favorite films are The Thing and An American Werewolf in London. Although he does really like The Lion King. . . .

Fire Will Roar by Andreas Rønning – Finalist

Boy Killers by Tannaz Hazemi – Finalist


What the Fox Said by James Stewart – Winner

James Stewart is a writer, director and founder of digital and animation studio Geneva Film Co. in Toronto, Canada.  James’ work is notably in live action, VFX, stop-motion and CG animation on platforms ranging from mobile to giant screen including gesture control, projection mapping, and VR. What The Fox Said is his first screenplay.

James’ award-winning work as a commercial director includes global brands such as Toyota, Lexus, Samsung and Sprint. In 2012, he produced the world’s first gesture-controlled 3D cinema game for Samsung Galaxy. His stop-motion 3D film Foxed! has won 8 awards, screened at over 100 film festivals and opened at #1 on iTunes. Foxed! is currently in development as an animated feature film and VR experience.

See the Foxed! short here

James’ 3D work on Werner Herzog’s Cave of Forgotten Dreams was awarded the Lumière Award for Best 3D Documentary and was called “the reinvention of the cinema medium” by The Guardian. He is the co-author of Hacker, Maker, Teacher, Thief: Advertising’s Next Generation launched at SXSW2015. James was recently featured on the cover of PLAYBACK Magazine, the Directors issue of SHOOT magazine, and the Innovation issue of SHOTS, and he is a six-time speaker at Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. At TED2011, he presented the TEDtalk Storytelling in the Next Dimension.

Mr. Moon by Michael Langer – Finalist


The Devil in Evelyn by Ben Soper & Tyler Soper – Winner

Ben and Tyler Soper are identical twins who grew up in Northern California, constantly being confused for each other and hating it. Determined to become as different as humanly possible they both grew sideburns, moved to LA to attend film school (UCLA & USC), and tried really hard to care about the sports rivalry.

Eventually, Ben married a dude, Tyler grew a beard, and people started thinking maybe they were just cousins or something. Cousins who COULD READ EACH OTHER’S MINDS–just kidding. That never happened.

Ben and Tyler pay the bills as editors in the high art of reality TV and celebrity gossip news. Every day after they realize what they’ve done and stop crying, they write scripts and sometimes drink.

They write sci-fi and horror for film and TV and have been finalists at Slamdance, Screamfest, and the Table Read My Screenplay contest. Despite their best efforts, they still occasionally show up wearing the same thing.

Epic Failures by Chelsea Davison – Finalist

Princes’ Hospital by Lisa Kors – Finalist


Nathan Loves Ricky Martin by Llewellyn Michael Bates, Bryan Chau, & Steven Arriagada – Winner

The Diverse Films team is a Melbourne-based production company; they are AACTA/AFI nominated for their short film “Nathan Loves Ricky Martin,” which has gone on to win multiple awards in both Australian and international festivals and was recently announced the winner of the prestigious 2016 Script Pipeline First Look Project.

Steven Arriagada, Llewellyn Michael Bates and Bryan Chau are currently developing a feature based on the characters of “Nathan Loves Ricky Martin” as well as an action adventure novel titled Red Armour set in ancient China.

City Bus by Lauren Hoekstra – Finalist

Foxed by James Stewart – Finalist

4th Annual 2015 First Look Project Results

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Action / Adventure

mcgovernBury Your Dead by Rick McGovern – Winner

Rick grew up in a small town in California–so small that most people living there haven’t even heard of it. With only he and his Stephen King novels to keep him company, he fell in love with the art of writing. It wasn’t until after getting out of the military as a medic, and taking an acting class out of pure desperation for an easy elective course, did he fall in love with acting, eventually moving to Hollywood, getting his SAG card, and doing bit parts in TV shows that amounted to maybe half a full acting part.

Love for writing never fully disappeared, so he started dabbling in writing short screenplays, mainly because his brain had a hard time coming up with a feature idea worth pursuing. But eventually his first feature idea came in the Spring of 2012. . . over the next four or five months he created his first screenplay, Pewter Island. . . followed by a short victory dance.

He then was accepted into a WGA mentorship with working screenwriters for veterans of the armed services, where he met some great writers very generous with their time reading and giving feedback for his screenplays. He still takes part in that mentorship, helping him learn how to be a better screenwriter.

Conquering his first screenplay, he progressed through his second, then his third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and finally his seventh, a western he decided to send into Script Pipeline since he had a couple fans of the script. But thinking he had no chance, he forgot about the contest until he received an email saying he was one of the top two. After another short victory dance he calmed down, took a breath, and waited to hear back to see if his western is able to cross the finish line. It did.

Now he’s excited to see what’s next.

Zero Days by Ilan Benjamin – Finalist


971429_1076580119076257_1956178089690413518_nWhoever She Is by Joshua Staman – Winner

Joshua Staman grew up Jewish in Phoenix, Arizona where he attended Catholic High School. The first girl he fell in love with was Lizzy Chattman. The first girl he kissed was her mother. His father always told him, “Don’t worry. This will all be good for material.” He was right.

After graduating from Columbia College in 2007, he received a Writers Program Scholarship to UCLA Extension, and during his time in Los Angeles, received mention from several screenplay competitions, including becoming the first heterosexual in the Outfest Screenwriting Lab — proving his father right again. He writes and directs short form comedy content and couldn’t be more grateful to Script Pipeline for the exposure.

Dirt Brown and the Seven Laborers by Michael Cummings – Finalist
Sluts by Eric Bergemann – Finalist

Horror / Thriller

524420_10101329058602709_428673175_nThe Gates by Laura West – Winner

After graduating from NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Laura Gia West began her career by interning and working with renowned film luminaries such as Martin Scorsese, Thelma Schoonmaker, Scott Rudin, and Andrew Lauren.

Born and raised in New York City, Laura has taken one-on-one master classes with Linda Gottlieb (producer of Dirty Dancing) and later worked as head of development for Sterling Films, where she developed stories, wrote viral videos and screenplays (writer for B&G Foods, editor/story developer for feature documentary Eat, Drink, Laugh starring Ray Romano, Gilbert Gottfried, Chris Rock, etc.). She became a staff writer and script consultant for a negotiated Netflix series at the time entitled The Family Business (NY Times Bestseller). She also won awards such as a finalist for the NY Film Festival, semifinalist with Disney/ABC, and Bertelsmann Foundation Award for her songwriting (recorded by Sony BMG).

She is currently writing YA novels/KidLit, screenplays, and developing horror fiction.

The Aberrant by Kevin Luu & Kelly Luu – Finalist

Sci-Fi / Fantasy

20160325_eilers_15.26.08 Skyhook by Nicol Eilers & Michael Eilers – Winner

Nicol Eilers is an independent filmmaker and former military brat. She’s a graduate of the Media Arts program at the University of Arizona. She’s written and directed music videos, a sitcom TV pilot, and created multimedia content for several non-profit agencies. She’s worked as a former television PA for various production companies. She’s currently writing her first feature film to direct, as well as other feature and television screenplays.

Michael Eilers is a former journalist and nonfiction writer now working as a software engineer. He spent a decade teaching video game design as an associate professor at a small private college, focusing on the topic of Serious Games and Simulations. He now collaborates with Nicol on scripts featuring science fiction and near-future topics.

The Lazarus Effect by Graham Parke – Finalist
Stranded by David Hogan & Frank D’Angeli – Finalist


Ripley 3 copySugar Land by R.B. Ripley – Winner

Ripley earned an MFA in Dramatic Writing from Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Drama and a BA in Music from the University of Houston. He began his career in feature development, having worked at Paramount, Disney, Cruise|Wagner, and Script Shark, and has been a finalist for both the Disney ABC and National Hispanic Media Coalition TV Writing programs.

Currently, he’s working on a new pilot about a gay, minor league baseball player and adapting a dark comedy novel into a feature film for actor/writer/producer Josh Gad. This past year, Ripley was hired to write his first two made-for-television movies. He also serves as a consultant and reader for Third Act Screenplays and Odd Lot Films. He is represented by Bob Sobhani at Magnet Management.

A native of Pittsburgh, he now calls Los Angeles home with his partner of 15 years and their two rescued pups.

Across the Line by Heidi Putallaz – Finalist
Bitter Ghosts by Brad Martocello – Finalist
Funderland by Sasha Perl-Raver – Finalist
Hosers by Jacob Isser – Finalist
The Lucky Ones by Victoria Arevalos – Finalist


image001Wonderland by Daniel Baig – Winner

Daniel Baig is a screenwriter based out of Southern California. Originally a native of Chicago, Daniel is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame. In addition to writing features in the action/thriller and sci-fi/fantasy genres, Daniel also focuses on writing for television, developing both original content and adaptations. He is a strong believer in collaboration and has worked with filmmakers in Los Angeles, New York, and London.

When he is not writing, Daniel is a big fan of films and acts as a screener for several film festivals. He is grateful for being recognized by Script Pipeline as he continues to move forward in the industry.

By Noble Means by Stephen Barber – Finalist


Theatre-Headshot-SmilesDream Writers – Winner
Created by Nathan Bach, Dalton Lilley, Shea Castle, & Ben Owen
Directed by Nathan Bach & Dalton Lilley
Written by Ben Owen

Created in 2014 by Atlanta-based actors/writers/producers/directors Nathan Bach, Dalton Lilley, Shea Castle and Ben Owen, the team behind “Dream Writers” has spent the last two years navigating through the evolving television landscape, as their independently-produced sitcom has helped launched their careers in the entertainment industry. The unique concept, about a group of twentysomethings who literally write people’s dreams, was originally conceived as a web series in 2014 and has since been re-developed for television. In March 2015, the production team successfully raised over $75,000 through the popular crowdfunding website Kickstarter and utilized the funds to shoot a network-quality pilot that April. Along with a team of nearly 40 crew members and actors, Bach co-directed the episode with Lilley, who also starred alongside Castle and Owen in the leading roles.

Dream Writers has steadily garnered major industry attention since production wrapped in June 2015. The show was selected into such festivals as the ATX Festival (Finalist – 2015 Pitch Competition) the New York Television Festival (Official Selection – 2015 Independent Pilot Competition), and many more. To go along with their festival run, Dream Writers was also the recipient of the 2015 American Movie Award for Best Original Television Pilot.

The team is currently preparing to pitch Dream Writers to networks, streaming platforms, studios and production companies in 2016.

Selfers – Finalist
Written and Directed by Michele Bizzi

3rd Annual 2014 First Look Project Results

By | First Look Project Winners


Action / Adventure

SevAnimal Heist by Aneesh Chaganty & Sev Ohanian – Winner

Sev Ohanian graduated from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts in 2012, and has been a producer on 7 feature films since, including his first film: Fruitvale Station which won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance 2013. He’s also produced short form content such as the Google Glass spot Seeds (directed by Aneesh), which received worldwide acclaim.

He was named in 2014 one of the 11 Innovators Changing Hollywood by The Wrap, alongside Angelina Jolie, Jimmy Fallon, and other high-profile industry names in film and television. Currently, Sev serves as an adjunct professor at USC.

AneeshAneesh Chaganty (USC ‘13) is a writer and director whose most recent work, a Google Glass spot called “Seeds”, became an internet sensation after garnering more than 1 million YouTube views in 24 hours. Following its success, he was invited to join The Google Creative Lab in New York City for a year to develop commercials and help run the Google brand.

In 2015, Chaganty was awarded the prestigious Future of Storytelling Fellowship, given to only five creatives around the country “who have demonstrated a fearlessness to tell stories in unconventional ways” and whose works “will be instrumental in shaping the future of storytelling.”

The First Detective by Cal Moriarty – Finalist
A Rat in the Desert by Chris Rakotomamonjy – Finalist


CordThe Chamber by Cord McConnell – Winner

Cord McConnell has been writing scripts and falling in love with stories since he was a child. Now he’s fortunate enough to be doing it on the world’s biggest stage.

Shortly after graduating from Florida Gulf Coast University, Cord got into his car and headed out to California. He spent the next few years learning the craft of filmmaking, working on the sets of films and TV shows. Valuable experience was gained watching over the shoulder of Spike Jonze on several of his productions. Cord continued to write over this time and fine-tune his craft. He approaches each new script with a “fire plus algebra” mindset, and his favorite films are the ones with bittersweet endings employing the full palette of emotions.

Self-Defense by Jasmin Tekiner – Finalist
Tech & Stryker by Odin Ozdil – Finalist

Horror / Thriller

FairhurstThe Consultant by David Fairhurst – Winner

David Fairhurst is an award-winning filmmaker who has been making films since he was eight, shooting spy thrillers and sci-fi “epics” in his backyard with a group of very patient friends. After working as a professional film and stage actor for six years, David attended the International Film School Sydney to train further as a writer and director.

His short films have won awards at festivals worldwide and screened at genre events, such as the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con.

The Man at Asher by Kate Young – Finalist
The Woman and the Wolf by Shane McGoey – Finalist

Sci-Fi / Fantasy

KyleFrancisThe Tesla Box by Kyle Francis – Winner

Kyle Francis is an award-winning writer and non-award-winning Comedy Person.

He’s written multiple shorts, sold two work-for-hire features and, in addition to winning the Science Fiction/Fantasy category of Script Pipeline’s 2014 First Look Project, he was also the recipient of the first-ever Canadian Independent Screenwriting Fellowship, which is presented by TIFF, producer Martin Katz, and The Black List.

He’s also performed standup and sketch comedy in many scary bars across Canada.

Gauntlet by Nate Ruegger – Finalist
Immune by Helyn Dunn – Finalist


BousleySavage (drama) by Stephanie Bousley – Winner

Stephanie Bousley is originally from St. Paul, Minnesota and San Francisco, California. She is a graduate of the NYU Tisch School of the Arts and holds an MFA in Film Production.

Initially entering Tisch as a comedic screenwriter, Stephanie experimented with writing and directing mockumentary shorts: specifically, I Make T-Shirts, which showcased a sadistic t-shirt slogan author verbally abusing his exchange student intern. Stephanie then produced a series of NYU thesis films in Nepal, the Philippines, and India, raising over $70,000 in various campaigns, one of which featured CNN’s Hero of the Year (2010), Nepalese anti-sex-trafficking advocate Anuradha Koirala.

After feature film development internships for Los Angeles and New York production companies, Stephanie moved to Singapore to work for a hedge fund. She is actively developing her screenplay portfolio, currently focusing on serial television drama.

Bad News Inc. (comedy) by Alice Noble & Elena Yates Eulo – Finalist
Insatiable (comedy) by Brandon DeRoos – Finalist
Sub Rosa (drama/thriller) by Cindy Appel – Finalist
Widowmakers (drama) by Kirk Weddell – Finalist


FishelDiary of a Jesuit (horror/thriller) by Arthur Fishel III – Winner

Arthur originally hails from St. Louis, Missouri. Always an avid moviegoer, he began his foray into this medium with short films and documentaries when he was given iMovie as a teenager. Wishing to pursue film as career, he moved to Southern California and graduated from Chapman University.

As a filmmaker, Arthur has been mentored by such illustrious artists as John Badham and Jeff McCracken and has worked for such companies as Laura Ziskin Productions (Spiderman) and Imagine Entertainment (A Beautiful Mind). Arthur’s first film that he wrote and directed was the short James Warwick. Following a strong run in the festival circuit and a few awards, it garnered Arthur a job managing and directing infomercials, videos, and web content in Orange County. From there, he began to expand his portfolio of feature screenwriting. Arthur currently writes freelance and works on sets in and around Los Angeles.

Macbeth (sci-fi/action) by Patrick Hayle – Finalist
Public Places (biopic) by Julia Batavia – Finalist


DavidLevyPlug (action/sci-fi) – Winner
Director: David Levy
Writers: Hatem Benabdallah, David Levy, and Bernard Lyall

David Levy is a leading international concept artist. He studied industrial design and architecture in France and the Netherlands respectively, and is currently working in Los Angeles as senior concept artist in the movie and videogame industry. He has worked on the major motion pictures: Tron Legacy and sequel, The Thing, Prometheus, Ender’s GameLazarus, Tomorrowland, and the Avatar sequels. His interests and unique skills in video gaming, film and industrial design make him a sought after expert in his field. He then launched his directing career, writing, directing and producing the short film Plug, released in 2014.

An Evening with Oliver (family/fantasy) – Finalist
Writer/Director: Carlos Arata

Valiant (action/adventure) – Finalist
Director: Robin Phillips
Writers: Robin Phillips, Scott Baba