Charles Ray Hamilton

By subplot

“It really did feel like, ‘We’ve never seen one of your kind before.’” When he was 13, Charles Hamilton started the eighth grade as a stranger in a strange land. He’d just left the comfortable confines of Killeen, Texas–population 81,000–and moved with his family to Fort Worth, a metropolitan powerhouse with over half a million residents. Hamilton wasn’t just starting a new school. He was starting a new life. And what happened next was right out of Jordan Peele’s race-themed horror film Get Out. On his first day, the white kids in Hamilton’s class grabbed him and started touching him everywhere. One white classmate asked him, disappointed, “Why don’t you talk like 50 Cent?” Another chimed in, “My mom told me y’all run so fast because y’all have extra muscles in y’all’s legs. Is that true?” Before Hamilton could answer, the 8th grader grabbed his legs to check for himself….

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