Going Off-Road: The Bold Choices of Writer Charles Ray Hamilton

By subplot

Now a film and TV writer on an unimpeachable career path, Charles Ray Hamilton hadn’t always seen a clear finish line. His journey was interrupted by ‘debilitating’ false starts and ‘dehumanization,’ outweighed by opportunity and the invaluable mentorship others afforded him. All of which the Texas native can credit to a brand of persistence you only see in artists—-and the belief that the payoff justifies the journey. ▼ “It really did feel like, ‘We’ve never seen one of your kind before.’” When he was 13, Charles Hamilton started the eighth grade as a stranger in a strange land. He’d just left the comfortable confines of Killeen, Texas–population 81,000–and moved with his family to Fort Worth, a metropolitan powerhouse with over half a million residents. Hamilton wasn’t just starting a new school. He was starting a new life. And what happened next was right out of Jordan Peele’s race-themed horror film…

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