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Screenwriting Contest Results

2004 Screenwriting Contest Finalists

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Grand Prize Winners

Daughters of the Groom by Catherine Modesitt

Hero of the Day by Andrew Cannistra

Jane by Geetika Lizardi

Miss Havana by Kathleen Monahan and Duba Leibell


Afterlight by Paul May

Borrowed Time by Pete Schnell

Colter’s Hell by Robin Russin

Dark House by Kerry Dye

Dead Man’s Hand by James Vejvoda

The Domain by Michael Raymond

Duty’s Call by Paul Bruno and Cathy E. Bruno

Exposures of War by Kevin Caruso

The Eyes of Mara by Joseph Calabrese

In Love, Indifferent, Insane by Christian Heinze

The Michaels by Mandie Green

The Mystic by Darryl Deangelo

Oh Brother! by Cathleen A. McCarthy

Sticks and Stones by Kathryn Sheard

Stronghold by Richard Elvers

Whiskey Bay by Jay Olivier and Bill Brauer

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