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Screenwriting Contest Results

2006 Screenwriting Contest Finalists

By August 1, 2006August 26th, 2014No Comments

Grand Prize Winners

Control;Alt;Delete by David Flores

Fragile by Eric Maran

Spy Camp by Frank Naccarato

Tucker by Travis Simmons


Bad Girl by Dave Richards

Cougar Run by Sean Kelly

Dark Mission by Mark Marinovich

Davinci’s Angels by Baron Brady

Home by Matthew Allen

Infected by Steve Nolan

Last Arrow of Eros by Michael Starrbury

The Macabre World of Lavendar Williams by Nicolas Del Gado

The Red Baron by Richard Fox

Santa Claus Goes to Pirate Island by Patrick Bates

Silencer by Sean Mick

Smilers by Mike McGeever

Telepatrol by Jack Messitt

Under Sirius by Ryan Faust

Unity by Eugene L. Langlais III

Waltzing Emily by Julie Tortorici

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