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Screenwriting Contest Results

2008 Screenwriting Contest Finalists

By August 1, 2008August 26th, 2014No Comments

Grand Prize Winners

A Mate for Lonesome George by Sharon Clark

Freebird by Hilary Graham

Neither by Christian Heinze

Shrapnel by Evan Daugherty


Alpha Male by Spanner Spencer

A Revolution in Urination by Christian Heinze

Beckwourth by James K. M. Watts

Drill Queen by Andrea Seybold & Kate Wharton

Hidden by Noah Ruderman

His Fair Lady by Russell Bryan Sommers

Honor Bound by Michael Amato

In the Garden of the King by Paul Ian Johnson

Maid of Dishonor by Sophia Trone

Palestine by Suzan Flamm

The De-haunters by Calvin Field & Bryan Bagby

The D Line by David O’Donnell

The Stacks by Edward Cound

The Tollbooth Operator by Christian Heinze

The Well by Julie Anne Wight

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