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Screenwriting Contest Results

2009 Screenwriting Contest Finalists

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Grand Prize Winners

Blind Spot by Randall Greenland

Deserted by Ziba Shadjaani

Lycan or Not by Frank Reavey

The Eleven by Troy Taylor


Alien Skin Boots by Matt Lutz

Belle Starr by Cynthia Pullham

Black Tide by Kevin Jones

Denny Delivers by Sean Fallon & Charlotte Barrett

Djinn by Matthew Altman

Eden by Tom Zmiarovich

Forsaken Hero by Dave Long

Honor Among Thieves by Matt Allen

Inheritance by Jeannette Manning & Joseph Yuan

InvisiBill by Jason Carreiro

Iron Horses by Tony Zavaleta

Neland Circle by Charles Borg

The Eleven by Troy Taylor

The Stakes by Philip Gardner

The Winery by Richard Guimond

Trial and Erin by Larry Shulruff

Wake Up by Gordon Smith

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