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TV Writing Contest Results

2009 TV Writing Contest Finalists

By August 1, 2009August 26th, 2014No Comments

Grand Prize Winner

Dexter – “The Rites of Spring” by Todd Lepre


30 Rock – “Tracey Jordan, MD” by Paul Malewitz & Matt Manser

30 Rock – “Cut and Run” by Enzo Mileti

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – “Dog Show” by John Adler

Bones – “The Student in the Stacks” by Helen Shang

Breaking Bad – “Mr Clean” by Clark Childers

Eastbound and Down – “Waiting for Bus Cook, Super Sports Agent” by Luke Ricci

Mad Men – “A Fire Inside” by Clark Childers

Skipland by Jessica Dolan & Sean Mach

Two Harbors by Jim Macak

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