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TV Writing Contest Results

2010 TV Writing Contest Finalists

By August 1, 2010August 26th, 2014No Comments

Grand Prize Winner

Modern Family – “Last Will and Temperament” by Benjamin Morgan


Curb Your Enthusiasm – “The Tribe” by David Love

Dexter – “A Family Affair” by Luther Mace

Domain by Jennifer Ruisch

Eastbound and Down – “Sex Ed” by Haji Outlaw

Friday Night Lights – “Survive and Move On” by Clayton Henry

Holden 2.0 by Sean Mach & Jessica Dolan

Modern Family – “Let’s Get this Party Started” by Teresa Lo

Obnoxious Older Sister’s Know-it-all Guide to Your Teens by Julie Anne Wight

Rescue Me – “Feelings” by Alex G. Pickering

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