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Screenwriting Contest Results

2012 Screenwriting Contest Finalists

By August 1, 2012August 26th, 2014No Comments

Grand Prize Winners

Hold Up! by Jason Kaleko 

Red Hats by Michael Toay / Travis Mann

The Synth House Wife by Jason Vaughn

Totaled by Andy Demsky


19 Floors by Lee Brandt / Christopher Lawrence

Banking on Betty by Eugene Scala

Bookworm by Sharon Clark

Bowl Breakers by Thesy Surface

DumDum by James Abrams

Jesse James vs. Jack the Ripper by Alasdair McMullan

Natureboy by Brett Wagner

Night Witch by Tom Stein

Superstition by Kevin C Jones

The Alumni by George Nicholis

The Highwayman by Dale Pitman / Glenn Benest

The Hitman’s Cookbook by Ben Phelps / Gabriel Dowrick

Twin Cities by Marc Conklin

Underground by Paul Connor / Josh Chesler

Vital Signs by Peter Floro

Wreckless by Andrew Eisen

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