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Screenwriting Contest Results

2022 Screenwriting Contest Results

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Peter Haig

Peter Haig is a writer/director based in Los Angeles, California, who received his M.F.A. in Film & Television Production from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts (SCA). After spending two years in law school, Peter decided his passion resides in writing and storytelling. Through the vehicle of film, Peter found an outlet to explore unique personal experiences and connect with audiences. Since graduating from SCA, Peter has earned recognition from the Academy Nicholl Fellowships, NBC’s writers on the verge, the Cinestory Foundation, and the Austin Film Festival. He has been a Finalist in the ISA Fast Track Fellowship, the ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship, and the WeScreenplay Feature Contest. Most recently, Peter won the Script Pipeline Screenwriting Competition for his war drama Parishad.


Mishki Vaccaro

Mishki Vaccaro is a film and television writer splitting her time between Los Angeles, Toronto and Costa Rica — come visit, seriously, she’ll show you around. Mishki writes female-centric dark comedy that explores the deep fears and dilemmas of the human experience. Mishki’s writing walks the line between punching you in the gut with authentic emotion and making you laugh with a dumb joke. In 2019, Mishki’s mom passed away due to complications from dementia, which totally reoriented her priorities and set her on a journey of self-discovery that deeply influences her writing today.

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Mishki has dual US/Canadian citizenship, a B.A. in Cultural Studies from McGill University and an M.F.A. in Screenwriting from the University of Southern California. She’s worked in feature development at Simon Kinberg’s Genre Films (X-Men, The Martian, Deadpool) and television development and production at Jason Winer’s Small Dog Picture Company (Modern Family, Life In Pieces, The Big Leap). Highlights of Mishki’s time at Small Dog Picture Co. include working on the first season of Single Parents (ABC, showrunner J.J. Philbin) and Woman Up (ABC pilot, written and directed by Zoe Lister Jones). Mishki was also the writer’s assistant on Perfect Harmony (NBC, showrunner Lesley Wake Webster), where she co-wrote the season finale and was on set for her first episode of television. Mishki has been studying with the Joan Scheckel Filmmaking Labs since 2017. Last year, she developed and pitched a show to networks and streamers based on IP with Propagate Entertainment.

From a young age, Mishki understood the cathartic nature of storytelling and the power of harnessing your authentic voice. She thinks of screenwriting as “good magic,” accidentally has two dogs and will absolutely read your astrology chart.


Mishki Vaccaro

Jacob Marx Rice

Anthony Alves

Gorby and Ronnie Do Reykjavik
Patrick Connelly

Just Add Betty
Jill Brennan

Peter Haig

Catherine Schetina

Brendan O. Kelly

Sudden Dead
Frank Tremblay

The Chicken Murders
Nadia Osman



Red Davis

Big Girls
Jackie Cloud

Devil’s Tramping Ground
Chris Bowen

Katrina Kudlick & Mercedes Bryce Morgan

Friend Zone
Heidi Lux

Roy G. Biv
Sebastian Davis

Snack Wins the Apocalypse
Tony Prescott

The Art of Baseball
Anthony Rea III

The Parent Snap
Brendan O. Kelly

The Runner
Nathan Wilcoxen



Billy Kirland

Aloha Dreams
Jackie Perez & Ayesha Adamo

Simon Laurence Doyle

Samuel Ashurov

High Medium
Brendan O. Kelly

Alex Grossman

Carly Hebert

My Mother, Creator, Destroyer
Brandon Tyson

Old-Ass Zombies
Josh Barkey

Project Humbug
Justin Carter

Purify My Heart
Kate Hackett

Rage Against the Night
Akiva Cohen

Ryan Austin

Spenser Thelonious Harrison & Joe Rosenbloom

Slay House
Devon Kerr

Sonny is a God!
Scott Tinkham

Sons of Havana
Max Kaplow

The Art of Starving
Joe Favalaro

The Bone Woman
Rachel Coomes

The Murder (or Possible Political Assassination) of Santa Claus
Kory Orban

The Passion of Pauli Murray
Sean Slater

The Story of You
Helena Zhen

Kim Peeler Callaway, story by Andrew Nixon

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