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Pitch Results

2023 Pitch (II) Results

By January 31, 2024February 2nd, 2024No Comments


Disco Inferno by Oliver Woolf

Oliver Woolf is a writer/actor from London. He wrapped the feature film Two Big Feet by Noah Stratton-Twine, acting as the lead alongside Luke Rollason (Extraordinary, Disney Plus) slated for a 2024 release. He first started scriptwriting to get revenge on a roommate—who was a writer himself, and claimed he needed the biggest room in the house in order to write efficiently, leaving Oliver with the tiny room—thus making Oliver want to prove that big rooms aren’t essential for scriptwriting.

His first pilot Whoops and feature film With Hate, From Love caught the attention of producers and lead him to write his passion project, Disco Inferno, a TV Series about the unknown, insane world of VIP nightclubs—a topic deeply connected to Oliver and his family, himself having worked in nightclubs for 8 years, and his dad 30 years. In a world where nightclubs are getting more public interest, especially the ones where the super rich, famous, and even royal party, no one is more clued up on this topic than Oliver.

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Rejuvenation by Rudi O’Meara

Rudi O’Meara is an award-winning action/horror screenwriter whose work has been recognized by ScreenCraft, Austin Film Festival, Shore Scripts, Page, ISA, Launch Pad, Filmmatic, Vail Film Festival, and Final Draft Big Break. He has held numerous positions on The Red List, seen two scripts land with 8s and higher on The Black List, and had projects featured on both The Stunt List and The Originals Bureau.

His work tends to focus on misfits and outsiders struggling redefine themselves (and their tribe) in order to survive. And he sees genre as a tool for exploring taboo subjects in unexpected and arresting ways.

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