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Screenwriting Contest Results

2023 Screenwriting Contest Results

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Brobot Island
James Anderson Hunt

James Anderson Hunt is a writer/director based in Los Angeles, California. He grew up in Georgetown, Texas and graduated from Baylor University with a BA in Film & Digital Media.

Whether imagining elaborate tales with action figures as a kid, writing and directing parodies of The Lord of the Rings in high school (where he and his best friend played every character) or expanding his creative voice beyond screenwriting through improv courses at the Upright Citizens Brigade, James has only wanted to do one thing: tell stories.

Having been raised on The Twilight Zone, he’s most drawn to stories that can entertain us on a large scale while also revealing something to us about what it means to be human. The bigger the premise but more intimate the story, the better. His previous scripts have placed in the ScreenCraft Sci-Fi & Fantasy Screenplay Competition and the Austin Film Festival. Most recently, he won the 2023 Script Pipeline Screenwriting Contest with his A.I. reality dating show action/comedy, Brobot Island.

James resides in West Hollywood with his wife, Rachel, and their two cats, Rocket and Elio.


Devils Reach
Shauna O’Meara

Shauna O’Meara is a screenwriter and multiple-Aurealis-Award winning short story writer based in the cold, mountainous reaches of far southern Australia.

A feature and TV writer in the action-adventure, thriller, and dramedy space, Shauna’s aim is to combine complex concepts with popular genre tropes to create stories that explore contemporary social issues while keeping audiences hooked to the end.

Shauna’s love of quality film and TV spans the full genre spectrum from workplace sitcoms, societal- critique thrillers, monster-in-the-house movies, and science-quests, to the incredible run of iconic science fiction, natural-disaster and comedy films of the 1990s and 2000s. Her favourite films include The Big Short, Adaptation, Parasite, Twister, Moon, The Way Way Back, and Talladega Nights.

Shauna is inspired by the cool science and accessible storytelling style of Michael Crichton, the creeping tension of John Carpenter, and the incisive social satire and ensemble character-work of Adam McKay. Her work centres upon three-dimensional characters whose world-view and circumstances shape the narrative: competent, professional and working-class women in their many forms; complex chess-move antagonists; found families; and thrown-together teams of regular people that audiences can see themselves in. Ever looking for high concept means of telling the smaller, personal tales of what it is to be human, Shauna’s humour-laced work often touches upon themes of ambition, class mobility, financial security, belonging, and the opportunity cost of the paths in life not taken.

Devils Reach, Shauna’s Script Pipeline feature, is a wilderness survival thriller set among the people and landscapes of the rugged, timber-and-sea countryside of Tasmania. Exploring the divisive forces of gentrification upon rural and remote communities, Devils Reach draws real-life inspiration from Shauna’s former career as an outback veterinarian.

Shauna grew up in Perth, where the beaches are stunning and the white pointers very hungry. She is currently writing an Australian shark movie that isn’t about surfing ;)

She can be found at:

Twitter: @OMearaShauna
Instagram: @shaunaomeara


Indi Rees

Colin McLaughlin

Point Nemo
Brad Starr

Eve Symington

Tell Them of Me
Joshua Joel Bailey

The Mission
Joshua Sonny Harris & Lyle Parsons

The Money Shot
Brett Konner

Y’all Qaeda
Zach Freshley



Abigail Franklin’s Improbability of Stardom
Carley Aggromito

As We Know It
Amy Thomas

Big Game Saga
Bill Poore

How To Make The Negro Soldier
Xavier Stiles

Natalie Malizia

Gregory Goodness

Picture Us in the Light
Justin Brenneman
(based on the novel by Kelly Loy Gilbert)

Era Ming

Thomas R. Schrack

Tell Me A Story
Brittany Wang

The Silent Room
David Schlow

u, me and catastrophe
Ben Servetah

Waiting Games
Jeffrey Field

Where the Rainbow Ends
Devon Bostick



Ally All Over Again
Monika Moreno-Lapp

Astral Bodies
Brad Starr

Juice Caballero

Joshua Sonny Harris

Everybody Hates Rosemary
Ashley Oliver

Killer Road Trip
Evan Rindler & Jon Rizik

Marge and Deborah’s Haunted Halloween Hayride
John Brugal

Margo & Perry
Becca Roth

Powder Keg
Joe Favalaro

Power Couple
Peter Andrews

James Barrett & Tony Robenalt

Gavrielle Jacobovitz

She Used to be Zoey Darling
Nat Cowan

They Have Eight
Cassandra Betancourt

Cynthia Riddle

Where They’re Kept
L.X. Mitev

White Elephants
Marguerite Spellman

Your Turn
Jessie Gill

Finalists Announced – August 1st

Winner Announced – August 12th

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