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Great Movie Idea Contest Results

7th Great Movie Idea Contest Finalists

By March 1, 2015March 30th, 2015No Comments

Grand Prize WinnerMattTolbert

The Starter Marriage (Romantic Comedy)
by Matthew Tolbert

Matthew Tolbert is an award-winning screenplay, comic strip, comic book, short story, and greeting card writer. And beer snob. His works have been syndicated and published nationwide. Proving that espresso works, he has written for Marvel, Malibu, and other comic book companies, has had science fiction, fantasy, nonfiction short stories, and poetry published in a variety of magazines, and greeting cards produced for Gibson Cards, Allport Editions, and

The Starter Marriage, a romantic comedy, is his first feature length screenplay. Present writing projects include his fifth script (this one is on Leif Eriksson) and a nasty email to his cable company.


Download Me (Sci-Fi/Comedy) by Mel Hamill

Hell Week (Comedy/Horror) by Monica Byrnes & Toria Sheffield

VMS (Sci-Fi/Action) by Alexander Janko