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Script Sales

April 2013 Script Sales

By May 1, 2013August 5th, 2014No Comments

Everything got a little more serious in April, with a slate of sci-fi, action, thriller, and adventure dominating the mix, rather than an influx of comedies. With the minor exceptions of Dodgeball 2 and a new, modernized take on the classic 80s film Weird Science. A prequel to Stephen King’s The Shining is also in the works, The Overlook Hotel. And get battle-ready: Gears of War, based on the bestselling video game franchise, and Battle Los Angeles 2, a burgeoning franchise itself, are in development.

Other script sales include:

– Good grief, it’s about time: Blue Sky will helm a CG Charlie Brown film.

– 20th Century Fox taking the lead on an adaptation of Guys and Dolls.

– The real question is: why wouldn’t John McClane go to Tokyo in Die Hardest?

– Vertigo Entertainment and Warner Bros. to produce Dungeons and Dragons, sure to shed the “geek” stigma over the franchise.

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