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Script Sales

August 2012 Script Sales

By September 1, 2012August 5th, 2014No Comments

Name any genre and chances are at least one script in it sold, with close to 100 sales during a rather busy August. And four words seemed to pop up a lot: “to be based on.” Cameron Crowe returns with the drama Beautiful Boy, Plan B producing. Tom Cruise will star in a remake of The Magnificent Seven–remaining magnificent six have not yet been named. And the former, much-talked-about Blacklist script Chewie is headed toward production. The story is based on the life of Peter Mayhew, who played Star Wars’ Chewbacca. Prometheus and The Avengers also have sequels in the works.

Other script sales include:

– Here’s an “ologist” we haven’t seen before: The Demonologist, with Robert Zemeckis producing, based on the soon-to-be published novel about a “Paradise Lost” expert rescuing his daughter in a demonic underworld.

– Riding the biblical wave, a script about the infamous Pontius Pilate.

– Scorsese co-producing the biopic Sinatra. No actor attached yet, but one can only imagine it’d be an Oscar opp.

– Alf. The movie. And that pretty much says it all, love it or hate it (no one hates it, though, right?).

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