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Feature Film “Between,” Developed by Script Pipeline, Premieres at Sundance

By September 15, 2019November 19th, 2019No Comments

Writer Rob Nelms was hired to pen the script Between after introductions to director David Ocanas by Script Pipeline CEO Chad Clough. In March 2004, the film was greenlit for production and principal photography started in late May in Tijuana, Mexico. The lower-budget feature starred Poppy Montgomery (UnforgettableWithout a Trace), Danny Pino, and Jose Yenque (Traffic). It made its Sundance premiere in 2004 and later aired exclusively on Lifetime.

According to David Ocanas, “After struggling for months trying to find the right writer for a film project I wished to produce and direct, one call to Chad Clough of Script Pipeline made all the difference. Script Pipeline brought us a writer who has given our story new and exciting elements, and thereby giving us a greater opportunity in making a successful film.”

From the LA Times: “San Francisco-based writer Rob Nelms is another lucky one. His psychological thriller Between made its debut at Sundance this year. ‘I sent a comedy script for [Script Pipeline] to review and provide me with coverage a few years before ‘Between’ even came about. They worked with me to improve the script, and then Chadwick Clough, the founder, landed me an agent based on that script. . . .’”

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