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Script Sales

December 2010 Script Sales

By January 1, 2011August 5th, 2014No Comments

A relatively busy month of script sales to close out 2010. Dan Brown (The DaVinci Code) will see his next film adaptation, The Lost Symbol, in the works. Judd Apatow to produce and direct a spinoff of Knocked Up, and James Franco to write/direct the drama As I Lay Dying and Blood Meridian. And Disney’s now making movies about rides that never even opened with The Museum of the World. But most importantly, Script Pipeline “Recommend” writer Micah Barnett sold The Rabbit to Warner Bros. for the mid-six figures. Dan Lin producing.

Other sales include:

–The Three Stooges. The movie. ‘Nuff said. –Ridley Scott will direct The Color of Lightning.

–The biopic of Louis Zamperini, war hero and Olympic track star, Unbroken.

–George Clooney to star in The Monster of Florence, a mystery based on a true story.

–The world of valets: the last occupation not represented on film. Adam Sandler and Kevin James will produce and possibly star in Valet Guys.

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