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Script Sales

February 2010 Script Sales

By March 1, 2010August 5th, 2014No Comments

Novel adaptations, a few remakes, and some frankly off-beat concepts fill the first part of March. In addition, a former Script Pimp Writers Workshop “Recommend” found success with one of his scripts, “Smashed,” a suspense/thriller. Best of all, though: “Gilligan’s Island.” The movie. Believe it. And a little astounding (and humbling for those of you want to retire at 40), 94-year-old Sherwood Schwartz will co-produce with his son.

Other selected script sales include:

–New Line will helm a remake of the classic 1980s comedy “Police Academy.”

–A feature film version of the hit HBO series “Rome,” with (possibly) the original leads.

–Deepak Chopra’s comic “Beyond” will be adapted for the big screen.

–Biopic of the erratic and controversial figure Herbert Hoover.

–Tim Burton will co-produce an Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter script. . . . Somehow that sounds pretty awesome.

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