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Script Sales

February 2014 Script Sales

By March 1, 2014August 5th, 2014No Comments

At long last: a movie about the early video game industry. Console Wars will pit Nintendo versus Sega, the fantasy of every 80s video game geek. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg directing–arguably, an ideal choice. Based on, if not very loosely, Dennis Rodman’s exploits in North Korea, Peter Chernin is producing the comedy Diplomats. Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill together again for a film based on Olympic hero-turned-terrorism-suspect Richard Jewell. And amongst a handful of drama and crime novel adaptations, a few no-brainer sequels: We’re the Millers, Space Jam (long overdue), and The Lego Movie.

Other script sales include:

– Sony will produce the horror The Bringing, based on the real-life mystery (and perhaps supernatural event) of a woman found dead in an LA hotel.

– Even older video games are entirely adaptable: Vertigo and Warner Bros. taking the helm on the action/adventure Minecraft.

– Still alive and kicking in development: a feature version of Stephen King’s The Stand.

– Having basically conquered the women’s MMA world, Ronda Rousey will star in the action/thriller The Athena Project.

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