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Script Sales

January 2012 Script Sales

By February 1, 2012August 5th, 2014No Comments

What might be one of the more original spins on the typical true WWII story, George Clooney is set to star and direct The Monuments Men, where a group of historians and curators embark on a mission to rescue art stolen by the Nazis. While it’s not confirmed, Jim Carrey may reprise his role as Bruce in a sequel to Bruce Almighty. Toy giant Hasbro is entering the film world with scripts based on Stretch Armstrong and the board game Candyland. And if you haven’t had your fill from the first three Paranormal Activity movies, you’ll have a fourth shot at horror.

Other script sales include:

– Kids and people-who-were-not-so-long-ago-kids, rejoice: Ben 10 is coming to the big screen.

– In the hopes of squeezing every last possible story from the X-men, a sequel to X-men: First Class.

– The found-footage horror script, Bermuda, chronicling a missing documentary crew. Sounds like one of the cooler found footage concepts, at least. . . .

– Chris Hemsworth returns as the Norse god in Thor 2.

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