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Script Sales

January 2014 Script Sales

By February 1, 2014August 5th, 2014No Comments

Script Pipeline contest winner Tripper Clancy, who in December sold The Ambassadors to Fox, will write Shedd for Paramount Animation, based on an original idea from Paramount President Adam Goodman. Announced last year, Choose Your Own Adventure is a go, from the series allowing readers to “control” their story–although chances are the theater audience won’t control the plot of the movie (maybe someday). Divergent, written by Script Pipeline alum Evan Daugherty, will have its sequel, Insurgent, re-written by Akiva Goldsman. Brian Duffield penned the original draft. Thor 3 is set, and Daniel Craig will star in a spy thriller where his name is something other than James Bond.

Other script sales include:

– Chip N’ Dale and the Rescue Rangers get their first mainstream feature break. The project will be mixed live-action/CGI.

– The sports drama The Battered Bastards of Baseball, from a true story most baseball fans aren’t even familiar with.

– Spielberg to produce the period action/drama Montezuma, based on the original script by Dalton Trumbo (yes, the Dalton Trumbo).

– Tripp Vinson and Benderspink to co-produce the musical Disney comedy Bob: The Musical, written by Allan Loeb.

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