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Script Sales

July 2012 Script Sales

By August 1, 2012August 5th, 2014No Comments

Cutting right to the chase: Ghostbusters 3 has legs again, with the original cast to (potentially) return. Back on the low-budget horror train, Jason Blum is teaming up with Michael bay on Ouija. Jerry Weintraub will produce an adaptation on the life of Hugh Hefner–it’s about time, frankly. Apparently it’s under tight wraps, but four words: JJ. Abrams. Earthquake. Movie. And you know all the big studio films that were released this year? Yeah, they’re all getting sequels.

Other script sales include:

– Bill Murray rumored to star in St. Vincent de Van Nuys.

– Another reboot, anyone? Fantastic Four may get the 5-star treatment in this new go-around.

– Willow Smith probable to star in a remake of the Broadway hit Annie. Overbrook Entertainment producing.

– Prometheus 2. So if it’s true that the first film was an Alien prequel of sorts, does that mean the sequel will just be a re-release of Alien. . . ?

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