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Script Sales

June 2009 Script Sales

By July 1, 2009August 5th, 2014No Comments

Comedies, actions, and thrillers (and alien-based scripts) dominate this past month—expected, since some of the biggest box office money-makers of the year have thus far fallen into one of those categories.

Some selected/notable sales:

–“I Am Number Four,” a science-fiction story based on an as-of-yet unpublished novel. With Steven Spielberg on board to possibly executive produce. Michael Bay will produce.

–Tom Cruise returns for “Mission: Impossible IV.” J.J. Abrams will produce.

–A remake of the 1981 classic “An American Werewolf in London.” No writer attached as of yet. John Landis producing.

–“Go Mutants!”, where aliens assimilate with other high school kids. In development with Universal.

–A modern adaptation of the hit film “Meatballs.” No writer attached as of yet.

–The Warner Bros. project “Thieves of Baghdad,” set in the 10th century and will revolve around Ali Baba and other notable figures.

–A remake of the 1980s cult classic “Short Cicuit.”

And lastly, the next James Bond project is in the works, with Daniel Craig returning as 007.

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