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Script Sales

May 2013 Script Sales

By June 1, 2013August 5th, 2014No Comments

Someone opened the Drama floodgates: a greater-than-average number of specs were dramas or variations thereof, including Legacy of Secrecy, which explores the mafia’s role in the JFK assassination. Jason Blum producing the thriller Visions and Reawakening. Benderspink and Universal producing the fantasy Red Queen, with Benderspink also on board to produce a film based on Medieval Times, optioning the rights to the well-known dinner show. Also a handful of sequels to popular franchises, including Red, Blade Runner, Men in Black, Joe Dirt, Mission Impossible, and Bad Santa.

Other script sales include:

– Francis Ford Coppola is doing an Italian-American period drama. That’s all we need to know.

– Billy Crystal to (finally) direct the 1940s baseball project Man on Spikes.

– The world needs more Michael Shannon, and he’s set to star in an as-of-yet untitled action/sci-fi thriller.

– John Travolta tabbed for a biopic of John Gotti Jr.

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