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Script Sales

November 2011 Script Sales

By December 1, 2011August 5th, 2014No Comments

Plenty of novel adaptations mark the over 100–yes, 100–November script sales, yet perhaps the most exciting (and odd) is an adaptation of the mega-popular children’s “book” Where’s Waldo? An actor has not yet been found, but he’s probably hiding behind something red and white. Writer and longtime Script Pipeline partner Alejandro Seri sold his thriller Final Girl, Prospect Park producing. One of the most underrated Stephen King novels, Rose Madder, is headed to production, and Leonardo Da Vinci will finally get a biopic.

Other script sales include:

-Starship Troopers fan? We know you’re out there. The film will get a re-boot. Sony and Original Film to produce.

– What’s the last thing anyone living in California needs to see? Correct: San Andreas 3D. It’s classified as disaster, but horror would apply.

– Woody Woodpecker and Popeye will get the supreme CGI treatment in a new animated film

– Godzilla. . . yes, again.

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