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Script Sales

October 2013 Script Sales

By November 1, 2013August 5th, 2014No Comments

First the White House, now London. A sequel to Olympus Has Fallen, aptly entitled London Has Fallen, will be produced by Millennium Films. This was announced earlier, but bears repeating: MGM rebooting Ben-Hur. Hugh Jackson to play PT Barnum in the biopic The Greatest Showman on Earth, and Benderspink producing an adaptation of the recently-published sci-fi novel Day One. In case you’ve been on hiatus in Antarctica for a year, Star Wars: Episode VII is currently in development, with JJ Abrams on-board to direct. The story will center on a new breed of jedis and an older Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker.

Other script sales include:

– MGM tackling an animated adaptation of The Addams Family.

– The period drama The Bully Pulpit: Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and the Golden Age of Journalism to be helmed by Dreamworks. Has Spielberg all over it. . . .

– Disney enters the world of wedding planners and rom-coms with a fantasy twist (naturally) in Fairy Tale Wedding, as well as a spin-off of 101 Dalmatians focusing on the villain, Cruella.

– Fans of websites The Knot, The Bump, and The Nest take note–20th Century Fox producing a comedy inspired by the three stages of parenthood.

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