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Fox Picks Up Spec From Script Pipeline Contest Winner

By April 15, 2016August 21st, 2019No Comments


Fox purchased the comedy Stuber from Script Pipeline contest winner Tripper Clancy in April 2016 for mid-six figures.

The screenplay is based on an idea developed by Tripper and manager Jake Wagner (Benderspink). Jonathan Goldstein (Spider-Man: Homecoming) and John Francis Daley (Bones) worked with Tripper on the script. The story revolves around a night in the life of an Uber driver aptly named Stu.

“We live in a time where IP, sequels, and reboots rule the business, so it’s easy to be cynical,” said Tripper. “But fortunately for all of us plugging away on our laptops, studios and financiers are always looking for original material. Stuber is many things for me—a love letter to LA, an homage to my favorite action comedies growing up—but on a fundamental level, it’s the kind of movie I’d be pumped to go see on a Friday night at the theater. The fact that a major studio sees it the same way is a pretty sweet bonus.”

After winning the 2010 Script Pipeline Screenwriting Competition with his comedy Henry the Second, Tripper signed with Pipeline industry partner Jake Wagner. He has projects in development at 20th Century Fox (The Ambassadors), QED International (Winter Break), Sony (Stranded), and Hasbro (Hacker Camp).

From Tripper: “I cannot underestimate the impact that Script Pipeline has had on my writing career. Winning the contest directly led to my new representation. . . .”

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