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Tomb Raider Reboot Hires Script Pipeline Writer

By February 26, 2015 April 10th, 2015 No Comments


MGM and Warner Bros. hired Script Pipeline writer Evan Daugherty in February 2015 to pen the new Tomb Raider film. Graham King (The DepartedArgo) producing. Instead of a sequel to the 2001 Angelina Jolie version, the new plot will feature a younger Lara Croft on her first adventure.

Evan found representation with manager/producer Jake Wagner after winning the 2008 Script Pipeline Screenwriting Competition. Adaptations are nothing new for Daugherty: his resume includes recent feature releases Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Divergent, in addition to in-development TV series projects Esmeralda (ABC), Midnight Mass (NBC), The Foundation (Fox), and Five Ghosts (SyFy).

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