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Great TV Show Idea Contest Results

7th Great TV Show Idea Contest Finalists

By February 9, 2016February 23rd, 2016No Comments

Bryce-McLellan-headshot-16Grand Prize Winner

Jack Curious by Bryce McLellan

Bryce McLellan is a writer/director all the way from the Land Down Under. While he hasn’t wrestled a croc and never rode a kangaroo to school, he is keen on calling everyone “mate”.

After graduating with a film major from Macquarie University, Sydney in 2011, he worked as an editor on a number of network TV shows for MTV and ABC. Always looking for his next personal project, a chance to travel to the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2012 birthed Jesus in Congo, a documentary he filmed, wrote and directed. It was nominated for best documentary at the 2015 Pan Pacific Film Festival. Bryce is also an accomplished animator and concept artist who lists driving a red Mustang from LA to Miami as one of his proudest achievements.

Bryce writes in any spare moment he has. Jack Curious is his first TV writing project.


Dark Districts by David Burton
The Bitches of Salem by David Falcone