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Great TV Show Idea Contest Results

9th Great TV Show Idea Contest Results

By February 14, 2017February 16th, 2017No Comments

Grand Prize Winner

Snoopy by Alexandra Allred

Alexandra Allred won the U.S. Nationals in September 1994, making sports history as she was named to the first women’s bobsled team. She was named Athlete of the Year by the United States Olympic Committee for her sport and made international news as she was also pregnant at the time. She appeared in Sports Illustrated, a PBS documentary, HBO Sports and USA Today while she fought the long battle to have women’s bobsledding included in the Olympic Games, promptly retired and began playing professional women’s football for a feature with Sports Illustrated. She became an adventure writer while teaching martial arts, kickboxing, boxing, spinning, bootcamp, and pilates at a community college and gym outside Dallas, Texas.

Allred returned to school to earn her PhD in Kinesiology with special interest in fitness for the special needs. She is the founder of FUEL workout, a new exercise routine for those who have physical disabilities and/or medical issues. She is a public speaker with special emphasis on motivational, health/wellness, education and children but, also, loves writing fiction in her free time. With books such as White Trash and Damaged Goods, Allred uses humor for social commentary on those less-than-funny issues.


Space Show by Itai Inselberg

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