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Jonathon Rosenbloom / Justin Merz

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– Justin Merz and Jon Rosenbloom (writers of Topsiders, sold to DreamWorks) Did either of you attend film school? JR: No. In college I think I took one film class. That was it. JM: No. I have my degree in education. I was planning on trying to go to film school and had applied a few places but I ended up having a kidney transplant so I was not going anywhere. I ended up taking courses locally, finished my degree in education. When did you first pursue interest in writing? JM: When I was six years old and I saw Star Wars. I was making movies in the backyard. I Got really serious writing scripts in the early nineties. What was the first medium you wrote in? Did you start writing stories? JM: I wrote a few stories, but I think I was really trying to write scripts when I was…

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