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2004 Screenwriting Contest Finalists

By Screenwriting Contest Results

Grand Prize Winners Daughters of the Groom by Catherine Modesitt Hero of the Day by Andrew Cannistra Jane by Geetika Lizardi Miss Havana by Kathleen Monahan and Duba Leibell Finalists Afterlight by Paul May Borrowed Time by Pete Schnell Colter’s Hell by Robin Russin Dark House by Kerry Dye Dead Man’s Hand by James Vejvoda The Domain by Michael Raymond Duty’s Call by Paul Bruno and Cathy E. Bruno Exposures of War by Kevin Caruso The Eyes of Mara by Joseph Calabrese In Love, Indifferent, Insane by Christian Heinze The Michaels by Mandie Green The Mystic by Darryl Deangelo Oh Brother! by Cathleen A. McCarthy Sticks and Stones by Kathryn Sheard Stronghold by Richard Elvers Whiskey Bay by Jay Olivier and Bill Brauer

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Hollywood Reporter Mentions Script Pipeline in 2003

By Press

The Hollywood Reporter October 2003 View PDF of article Hollywood is legendary in its ability to make firings difficult for unproven screenwriters. So perhaps it’s only natural that dozens if not hundreds of internet sites sprang quickly to action to help struggling writers get their scripts read by the right people. The problem now is in separating the useful online services from the useless ones. “There’s a lot of scams out there,” said Chris Wehner, author of “Screenwriting on the Internet: Researching, Writing and Selling Your Script on the Web.” Wehner founded in 1995 after discovering how hard it was to pitch scripts to Hollywood while living in Grand Junction, Colo. “I optioned a script to a producer, then he died,” he said. “So I wasn’t having much luck.” Sympathetic budding screenwriters nationwide flocked to his site, and in 2001, he launched the Global Literary Market, where 400 people…

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Jonathon Rosenbloom / Justin Merz

By Exclusive Interviews

– Justin Merz and Jon Rosenbloom (writers of Topsiders, sold to DreamWorks) Did either of you attend film school? JR: No. In college I think I took one film class. That was it. JM: No. I have my degree in education. I was planning on trying to go to film school and had applied a few places but I ended up having a kidney transplant so I was not going anywhere. I ended up taking courses locally, finished my degree in education. When did you first pursue interest in writing? JM: When I was six years old and I saw Star Wars. I was making movies in the backyard. I Got really serious writing scripts in the early nineties. What was the first medium you wrote in? Did you start writing stories? JM: I wrote a few stories, but I think I was really trying to write scripts when I was…

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