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Monthly selected screenplay sales from 2009 to the present.

May 2009 Script Sales

As is the current norm, remakes of previously popular films and series comprise at least part of May’s script sales, including a screenplay based on the comic strip “Bazooka Joe.” An animated film, “Nick Ratchet,” based on an idea by Stan Lee and the latest Disney project in development, revolves around a police officer’s online […]

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April 2009 Script Sales

A somewhat quiet month in April, as lower-budget comedies and dramas, film adaptations from popular novels, and a handful of sci-fi thrillers and fantasy screenplays round out the script sales, joined by a few higher-profile projects from acclaimed writer/directors Robert Rodriguez and Sofia Coppola. Selected sales include: –“Born to be a Star,” co-written by Adam […]

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March 2009 Script Sales

A broad handful of biopics stand out in script sales through mid to late March, including films revolving around the lives of Houdini, Lou Rawls, Steve McQueen, and H.P. Lovecraft, as well as adaptations of popular novels and TV series. Selected sales include: –From the Image Comics graphics novel, “The Strange Adventures of H.P. Lovecraft” […]

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February 2009 Script Sales

One of the more notable developments this year so far: the musical “Damn Yankees” is set for a remake, with Jim Carrey and Jake Gyllenhaall confirmed as leads. As anticipated, “Friday the 13th” will see a second incarnation, and for those interested in further reliving the 80s, “The Neverending Story” has been given the green […]

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January 2009 Script Sales

Adaptations (and an adaptation of an adaptation) continue to share the spotlight with a spattering of comedies, science fiction, crime dramas, and family scripts. Notable sales include: –“Cowboy Bebop,” based on the popular Japanese anime series. Keanu Reeves set to star. –A Cher and Jonny Knoxville (not a typo) project, “The Drop-Out” –A Warner Bros. […]

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