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August 2014 Script Sales

September 4, 2014


Brian Grazer, Alex Kurtzman, and Robert Orci have optioned a dozen Anne Rice novels, including Interview with a Vampire, to be adapted into a series The Vampire Chronicles with Universal. Stan Lee's idea Apollo Rising will be combined with the February spec sale Eternal by Victoria Aveyard. Two projects set on space colonies are in the pipeline: Out of this World by Allan Loeb and Moonfall by David Weil. In the comedy world, Relativity picked up All Day and a Night, a pitch by Jonathan Goldstein & John Francis Daley (Horrible Bosses), and Hyde Park optioned Peter Hoare's Killing Hasselhoff. . . Ken Jeong, David Hasselhoff, and Hulk Hogan to star. The Lonely Island is also getting a movie.

Other script sales include:

- Frozen and Wreck-It Ralph's Jennifer Lee to adapt A Wrinkle in Time.

- Katharine Hepburn, The Three Tenors, and some Brazilian hitman who killed 492 people are getting biopics.

- Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, and Tom Hardy producing an animal trafficking film.

Journey to the Center of the Earth gets a sequel while The Texas Chainsaw Massacre will see a prequel.

- DC and Warner Bros. have hired two writers to see who will write the Aquaman movie.

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Awake - Pilot

September 4, 2014

Yes, it only lasted one season, but for fans of the 2012 NBC show Awake, it started off with a spectacular pilot episode--and one worth reading for aspiring TV writers. With a network landscape inundated with procedural dramas, a refreshing take on the genre was a next-to-impossible task. But the unique spin was such an original hook: a detective living disparate realities after a deadly car accident, one where his wife survived and one where his son survived, must figure out how to resolve this seemingly mental disparity while juggling his career and life in two separate worlds. What producer wouldn't want to read that script? Again, a project that hits the "familiar-yet-different" zone, making for what must have been an easy pitch.

Conceptually, though, it would have been equally as simple to ruin the plot. Two timelines? Two interrelated stories? The same protagonist leading different lives in a procedural crime/drama? Seems like a structural nightmare.  The writers managed to pull it off and, perhaps, deliberately set up the fact this would all somehow make sense through the pilot's opening line of dialogue: "So, tell me how it works."

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