I was a finalist in the Script Pipeline Screenplay Competition and attended their writer/industry event. [Director of Development] Matt Misetich steered me toward Jay Silverman and Bethany Cerrona, saying they would appreciate my work (Galileo)–and they did! A year later, Jay, my director, wrapped a warm and funny film. Galileo came about 100% due to Script Pipeline.

Script Sales


First up, a Pipeline success story! Script Pipeline "Recommend" writer Matt J. O'Neill has sold his currently untitled sports drama to NBC. LeBron James to produce under his company SpringHill Entertainment (Survivor's Remorse). Green-Light International and Imprint Entertainment have acquired Zika Agiashvili's spec The Silver Arrow, a heist thriller about thieves searching for a legendary pre–World War II racecar, the Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow. Oscar-nominated cinematographer Phedon Papamichael to direct. Madhouse has acquired the spec biopic American Rebel. Written by Christopher Cosmos, the story follows Deborah Sampson, who disguised herself as a man to fight in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. Amy Pascal to produce.

Other script sales:

– Marty Katz to produce Ray Gideon and Bruce Evans's Roy Orbison biopic, The Big O.

– Scott Rudin Productions has acquired Mindy Kaling's untitled talk show screenplay. Kaling and Emma Thompson attached to star.

– Terence Winter to write Andy Warhol biopic, based on Victor Bockris's book, Warhol: The Biography. Michael De Luca and Jared Leto to produce, Leto attached to star.

– Sony is moving forward with writer/director Dan Gilroy's legal thriller Inner City. Denzel Washington to star.

– The Weinstein Company and Nick Wechsler Productions will produce Jeremy Brock's biographical script based on the life of Edgardo Mortara, an Italian boy who was taken from his Jewish parents and raised Catholic. Robert De Niro to possibly star.

– FilmNation Entertainment and The Playtone Company to produce Greyhound, a WW2 drama written by Tom Hanks. Hanks to possibly star, Aaron Schneider to direct.

– Daniel Radcliffe and Zachary Quinto will star in writer/director Zach Helm's We Do Not Forget, a crime drama inspired by a true story.

The Library – Produced Scripts


The pilot is perhaps the most important episode for a series. A successful pilot not only needs to establish the tone and the characters, but first and foremost, it needs to give the audience a reason to watch episode two. For serialized shows, that reason typically centers around the plots and relationships the pilot episode has established.

Although upon first inspection You’re the Worst might appear to be a Bad Santa or Bad Teacher knock-off in which characters who are all id say whatever snarky, cynical ideas that pop into their heads, creator Stephen Falk does a masterful painting Jimmy (Chris Geere) and Gretchen (Aya Cash) as damaged, self-destructive people bitter at the world. Neither is where they want to be in life: Jimmy is a failed author while Gretchen is a PR executive with an immature client. The pilot follows Jimmy and Gretchen as they struggle in their personal lives and as their relationship slowly kicks off despite being commitment-phobes. The series focuses on this relationship, and the pilot does a great job at laying the groundwork.

However, where the first episode truly shines is in the smaller details. Unlike lesser entries in the comedic antihero genre, You’re the Worst’s dialogue is grounded in humanity. For example, Jimmy’s line “How would meeting your dead relative -- which is impossible because the soul doesn’t exist -- help you move out of my house?” is equal parts cutting, cynical, and informative in regards to his character and his emotional state of mind. As the series progresses, it also delves into larger issues, such as Gretchen’s clinical depression, which becomes a vital part of her character and which the pilot subtly hints at throughout.

Despite being ostensibly a comedy, You’re the Worst is perhaps one of the greatest character studies on television today and a must-watch for writers who wish to write real, flawed, human characters.

Read the You’re the Worst Pilot


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