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$15,000 awarded plus industry circulation - FINAL DEADLINE: Oct. 30th


2020 Finalist Sells Spec for 7 Figures

Legendary Ent. lands Crosby Selander's "Bring Me Back"


Contest Finalists Sign with Mgmt.

Kaplan/Perrone repping Kelsey Krasnigor and Crosby Selander


"Die Hart" Created by Script Pipeline Winner

The Quibi comedy series stars Kevin Hart, Nathalie Emmanuel, and John Travolta


2021 Screenwriting & TV Writing - Register Today

Awarding $55,000 + long-term development and industry circulation.


Contest Winner Signs with UTA

Helen Gaughran's "Visitation" won for Screenwriting


Contest Winner Sold "Snow White" for $3 Million

One of the biggest spec sales of all-time


Script Pipeline Recommend "Whelm" Hits the Fests

Written and directed by First Look Project finalist Skyler Lawson


2020 Pitch Competition

Reviewing ideas for film and TV - Deadline: Dec. 15th


Fox Comedy "Stuber" Written by Script Pipeline Contest Winner

Tripper Clancy's first produced feature stars Kumail Nanjiani and Dave Bautista


"Subplot" by Script Pipeline

Read the latest articles profiling emerging writers


Script Pipeline Finalist Sells Show to Fox

Ken Olin, Sterling K. Brown producing Laura Bensick's "Everyday Insanity"


Netflix Series Co-written by Script Pipeline Winner

Tripper Clancy on the staff of "I am Not Okay With This" - Now Streaming


Awarding $25,000 for Screenwriting

Pre-register today for a low entry fee.


Black-ish Ep. Written by Script Pipeline Finalists, Directed by Oscar Winner

Ben Deeb and Graham Towers' first produced episode, directed by Matthew Cherry, aired in 2020


Netflix and CBS Staff Script Pipeline Finalist

Howard Jordan Jr. staffed on Superior Donuts, Family Reunion, and The Unicorn


"Standoff at Sparrow Creek" an Indie Hit

Contest winner produced, marks writer/director Henry Dunham's feature debut


Awarding $25,000 for TV Writing

Pre-register today for a low entry fee.


The Los Angeles Times Interviews Script Pipeline

Discusses the state of screenwriting and upside in the spec market


Script Pipeline Co-Produced and Co-Financed Short Film "Biophilia"

Emerging writer/director Marina Michelson won Best Screenplay at Brooklyn Fest


Eddie Mensore's Feature "Mine 9" Produced

Screenplay was developed through Script Pipeline's Writers Workshop


Script Pipeline Contest Winner Sold Specs to Fox

Also writing films for Amazon, Quibi, and studios


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"Child's Play" Written by Script Pipeline Screenwriting Winner

Tyler Burton Smith found management after Pipeline win


Script Pipeline Sponsors Session at the 2019 Writer's Digest Conference

Co-hosted panel on screenwriting with Script Mag's Jeanne Bowerman


Script Pipeline Finalist "Sgt. Will Gardner" Produced

Profits from Max Martini's film support veterans


Robert De Niro Stars in Script Pipeline Contest Winner

"Killing Season" was the first Pipeline-winning screenplay produced


Indie Dramedy Co-Written by Script Pipeline Contest Winner

"The Miseducation of Bindu" was produced by Mark and Jay Duplass


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Get detailed story feedback from a development exec


Santino Fontana, Dania Ramirez Star in Script Pipeline Finalist Romcom

Script Pipeline introduced writer Jen Goldson to producer Jay Silverman


Script Pipeline's First Feature Stars Jesse Eisenberg

Now a cult indie favorite, "The Living Wake" was praised by Variety


"Divergent" Written by Script Pipeline Contest Winner

Popular YA series adapted to screen, starred Shailene Woodley


Writer Evan Daugherty and Script Pipeline's Chad Clough Interviewed for Podcast

Script Pipeline winner sold Snow White to Universal and wrote films for major studios


Action-Comedy Produced by Script Pipeline

Zach Galifianakis, Adam Scott, Bob Odenkirk highlight ensemble cast


Bruce Willis Stars in Script Pipeline Contest Finalist Screenplay

"Precious Cargo" was Max Adams' feature directorial debut


Contest Winner Writes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Reboot

One of several studio films written by Evan Daugherty


Writers Workshop "Recommend" a Global Success

Marc Mahon's "Strength and Honour" was developed with Script Pipeline execs


Sundance Premiere: "Between," a Script Pipeline Recommend

Screenplay was set up with producer and workshopped through Pipeline


AMC's "Shootout" Highlights Script Pipeline

Producer Peter Guber recommended Script Pipeline

First Look Project

The 9th Annual First Look Project fulfills the requests of production companies and managers by finding high-concept material in screenplays and TV pilots.

Extended Deadline: October 30th


Idea Contest

The Great Movie and TV Show Idea contests are searching for original feature film and television series concepts; unique stories a diverse audience can connect with.

Next Deadline: December 15th


Screenwriting Contest

The 19th Annual Script Pipeline Screenwriting Competition connects talented writers with production companies, agencies, and managers who can help launch their career.

Next Deadline: December 31st


TV Writing Contest

The 14th Script Pipeline TV Writing Competition is searching for television writers and original pilots for exposure to production companies, agencies, and managers.

Next Deadline: December 31st



Script Pipeline discovers and develops writers for film and television, connecting them to producers, agents, and managers. Since 1999, several produced films and over $8 million in screenplay and TV pilot spec sales are credited to Script Pipeline’s unique, intensive process of long-term writer-to-industry facilitation.

Success stories include:

Tripper Clancy, winner of the Screenwriting Contest, sold the comedy The Ambassadors to 20th Century Fox and the pitch Winter Break, before writing Stranded for Sony and Hacker Camp for Hasbro. In development: High Five with Amazon, an adaptation of the bestselling novel The Art of Fielding for Mandalay / IMG, and a Kevin Hart series for Quibi, Die Hart. His action-comedy Stuber sold to Fox for the mid-six figures and starred Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy) and Kumail Nanjiani (The Big Sick) star. Tripper was also staffed on the Netflix series I am Not Okay With This (2020).

Screenwriting Competition winner Evan Daugherty selling Snow White and the Huntsman to Universal for $3 million and later taking the lead on studio films Divergent and Ninja Turtles, as well as the new Anaconda reimagining for Sony. His contest-winning script Killing Season was produced and starred Academy Award-winner Robert De Niro and John Travolta.

Most recently, Screenwriting Competition winner Helen Gaughran signed with UTA, and several other finalists and winners landed management, such as 2019 First Look Project winner Nick Roth and 2019 TV Writing finalist JP Estes getting representation from Zero Gravity (Ozark).

A number of original feature and TV projects are in various stages of development, and over 150 writers have found representation, had their scripts optioned and produced, and seen their careers launched as a result of facilitation. With a constantly expanding industry network, Script Pipeline searches for new material and writers on a daily basis–and an anticipated 20,000 screenplays, pilots, and original pitches will be reviewed for 2020.

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Subplot - Profile Series

The Revival: Eva Gonzalez Szigriszt’s Undeniable Path to Hollywood

By subplot

[Typically, this is the area where we add a brief and eloquent summary of what to expect in the article—however. . . no summary will do Eva’s story justice. Just read it.] ▼ A terrorist attack almost prevented Eva Gonzalez Szigriszt from fulfilling her dream of becoming a film director. It was March 11, 2004. Gonzalez Szigriszt was 18 and living in a town south of Madrid, Colmenar de Oreja. She had an exam the next day, and if she passed, she’d possibly get accepted into the most prestigious film school in Spain: Escuela de Cinematografía y del Audiovisual de la Comunidad de Madrid (ECAM for short). Her older sister signed up to take the test, too, and together, they were aiming to be nothing less than the next Coen brothers.  In lieu of taking an early-morning train, the sisters decided to travel the evening before and stay overnight at their grandparents’ house….

Read More


Nicholas Roth

By Exclusive Interviews

Winner of the Script Pipeline First Look Project with his pilot Power Suit, Nick Roth had a varied career in the industry before becoming a full-time screenwriter. Following his contest win, Pipeline executives connected him with management at Zero Gravity, who saw the clear potential in his high-concept TV project set in the world of 1980s Hollywood. Before we get into the pilot, you told us a story of writing a screenplay with your father (a veteran TV director) in China over the course of several months. . . . How formative was that for you, creatively and professionally speaking? So I decided to pursue screenwriting full-time a little over seven years ago, and since then, I sort of have had the beginnings of two completely separate writing careers. In one, I spent about six years as a writers’ PA, assistant editor, researcher, middle school substitute Latin teacher, etc., and…

Read More

From Script Pipeline Writers

“When I literally knew no one in LA, Script Pipeline promoted my script to anyone and everyone who'd listen. Not to mention read my other material and answer a barrage of questions, all while being unbelievably creatively supportive. I'd recommend them without hesitation.”

Helen Gaughran (Visitation)Screenwriting Contest Winner

“I cannot overstate the impact that Script Pipeline has had on my writing career. Winning the contest directly led to new representation, which in turn led to working with studios like 20th Century Fox.”

Tripper Clancy (Stuber)Screenwriting Contest Winner

“Script Pipeline introduced me to a manager and helped launch my professional career as a writer.”

Evan Daugherty (Snow White & the Huntsman, Divergent, Rose Red)Screenwriting Contest Winner

“In a matter of hours, Script Pipeline achieved what I’d been trying to do for years: they got my foot in the door... and changed my life in more ways than I could have imagined.”

Justin Daries JamesTV Writing Contest Winner (Powerhouse)

“In the few days after the competition announcement, we had a slew of terrific meetings... Script Pipeline allowed us, two unknowns from Australia, to come to LA, meet people in the industry, and begin relationships.”

Penelope Chai and Matteo BernardiniScreenwriting Contest Winner

“This was my first time submitting to any competition, ever, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. They were fantastically transparent about where the scripts would be sent, who requested what, and really diligent about making the introductions--that’s how I was introduced to Jermaine Johnson at Zero Gravity, who is now representing me. I’m very thankful to Pipeline for making that connection.”

Malinna LiangTV Writing Runner-up

“I’ve been fortunate to be a finalist in a few comps. None have been as continually supportive and responsive as Script Pipeline. They’re about relationships, not transactions.”

Josh EstesTV Writing Finalist

“When I relocated from NYC to LA to pursue sitcom writing, everyone I met in the industry said it wasn’t about entering competitions, it was about entering the right competition. Script Pipeline was a turning point.”

Howard Jordan Jr. (Superior Donuts)TV Writing Contest Runner-up

Essential Reading - Screenplays and Pilots

Game of Thrones – Pilot

By Essential Reading - Screenplays and Pilots

For the lavish, and often-times hopelessly brutal, HBO show Game of Thrones, the pilot is surprisingly rather timid–a word no fan would quickly associate with the most epic television series in recent memory. The writing is direct and descriptive, lacking unnecessarily flourish, yet maintains a vivid sense of time and place without falling into the common trap of many period (or pseudo-period) pieces: overwritten narrative description and equally overwritten dialogue. Not the case here. It’s a script that’s accessible to the most casual of script readers, a remarkable achievement given what must have been a knee-jerk inclination to glean too much from the George R.R. Martin spectacle. There are, of course, many ways to successfully pull off a script of this nature, stylistically speaking. But for such a sprawling fantasy/adventure, introducing us to Westeros in the most straightforward way possible without losing the unique energy of the plot is a…

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Script Sales

September 2020 Script Sales

By Script Sales

Here are some of the most notable script sales from August 2020: – 2020 Script Pipeline Finalist Crosby Selander sold his spec sci-fi script Bring Me Back to Legendary Pictures in a seven-figure deal, making it one of the largest deals for a “new,” unproduced writer in recent years. The sale occurred after Script Pipeline introduced Selander to Kaplan/Perrone, who subsequently signed him a few weeks later. – Eva Longoria’s UnbeliEVAble Entertainment, Stampede Ventures, and Sony Pictures Entertainment have picked up Spa Day, a spec action/comedy written by Christine Pietrosh and Jessica Goldstein. Along with producing, Longoria is set to direct and star. – RVK Studios and Will Packer Productions have picked up Beast, written by Ryan Engle and based on an idea from Jaime Primak-Sullivan, who will executive produce. Baltasar Kormakur is set to produce and direct, and Idris Elba will star. – Universal Pictures and LeBron James’s SpringHill…

Read More