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December Newsletter

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1) Contest Deadlines - DECEMBER 31st

2) 2011 Contest Winner Signs with WME Agent

3) De Niro to Star in Script Pipeline Contest Screenplay

4) Script Notes / Writers Database - 50% OFF (exp. 12/15/11)

5) Script Sales - November

6) Final Draft Software - $199, DISCOUNT

Contest Deadlines Approaching: December 31st, 2011

$100k Cash & Prizes
200 Companies Review Finalists

2012 Screenwriting Competition


With more major writer success stories in the past two years than any other competition, the 10th Annual Script Pipeline Screenwriting Contest sets its sights on discovering up-and-coming creative talent and connecting them with top production companies, agencies, and managers.

Most recently, former contest winner Evan Daugherty sold his spec Snow White and the Huntsman to Universal for $3 million, and 2010 winner Tripper Clancy was hired by Fox as a comedy writer after securing representation with Script Pipeline industry partner FilmEngine.  2011 winner Tyler Smith signed with a manager and WME agent in September.

Last season, over 3,500 screenplays were received for the Screenwriting and TV Writing competitions combined, making it one of the most-entered contests worldwide. Beyond prizes, winners are given industry circulation to approximately 200 industry contacts.


2012 TV Writing Competition


Now in its 5th year, the Script Pipeline TV Writing Competition is searching for the best in TV material. Accepted entries include reality or idea proposals, spec scripts for existing shows, and original pilots.

As with the Screenwriting Competition, winners are given exclusive access to our circle of industry execs searching for proficient TV writers.


2012 Great Movie Idea Contest


The Great Movie Idea Contest connects you with A-level producers looking for new concepts to develop. The old adage, "there are no rules in Hollywood" applies here: any subject matter or genre accepted.

Script Pipeline has always been about access, linking talented screenwriters with the proper channels in the hopes of selling their work. Now, all you need is a single, awesome concept.

FilmEngine, Lakeshore Entertainment, and Darko Entertainment will meet the winner to discuss their pitch for possible development.



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2011 Contest Winner Signs with WME Agent


2011 Screenwriting Contest winner Tyler Smith, who gained representation with manager Jeff Silver less than a month after the contest, recently signed with William Morris Endeavor.

"We had met with a few different agencies in LA and really took some time to figure out which one would be best suited for me," Tyler said. "So far, it has been great, it's incredibly helpful to have those resources to send out your scripts and let you know what's going on in the industry." 

Tyler's script Henchman, an animated comedy, placed in the top four of the most recent Script Pipeline competition.  It marked the first time in Script Pipeline's 9-year contest history that an animated spec won.

"I definitely saw Henchman as more of a sample when I was writing it.  I knew there were a lot fewer opportunities for optioning an animated script, but it was a story I really wanted to tell.  Sometimes I just have to go with my gut and write the stories I'm excited about. . . ."

From everyone at Script Pipeline, we wish Tyler the best in his screenwriting career!

Read Tyler's Script Pipeline interview

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Robert De Niro & John Travolta to Star in Contest Winner

Robert De Niro & John Travolta

Winning script of the 2008 Script Pipeline Screenwriting Competition, Killing Season (aka Shrapnel), is headed to production this January with Robert De Niro and John Travolta attached to star. Mark Steven Johnson (Ghost Rider) will direct, replacing John McTiernan (Die Hard).

The gritty action script, penned by Evan Daugherty, revolves around a military veteran and a former Serbian soldier, who's seeking revenge for past war crimes--a one-on-one battle in the woods ensues.

Evan's original script was as heavy on action as it was on character, noted by Pipeline judges as a "rich character study" and "a cool, unique spin on an old classic."

"I thought about writing a typical 'cabin in the woods' horror movie, but those have been done to death," Evan said in a Script Pipeline interview.  "Then, I stumbled onto the idea of doing a 'cabin in the woods' political thriller.  I also thought it would be interesting to explore aspects of World War II that don’t usually get discussed or depicted in most films."

But at its heart, the screenplay is exactly what audiences expect in a solid action/thriller.

"Above all, I really wanted to see an old-school mano-e-mano action movie where both of the combatants are grizzled, old dudes."

After the contest, Script Pipeline owner and producer Chad Clough (The Living Wake, Operation: Endgame) introduced Evan to manager Jake Wagner. Shrapnel was optioned soon after.

"The whole Script Pipeline process was really great," Evan said.  "I was still living in Dallas at the time.  I had no expectation of winning, I was just using it as an excuse to visit some LA friends.  When I was announced as one of the Grand Prize winners, it was a real shock."

Read the Evan Daugherty Interview

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50% OFF - Workshop Script Notes & Database

From now until December 15th, 2011, receive 50% OFF all Writers Workshop notes, including one-on-one consultations with a development professional, and membership to the Writers Database, the #1 screenwriting resource tool to find agents and production companies interested in new material.

The Workshop has helped launch screenwriting careers since 2000.  Brian Watanabe had his Recommend script Rogue's Gallery produced and released in 2010, starring Zach Galifianakis, Ving Rhames, and Ellen Barkin, and produced by Chad Clough and Michael Ohoven (Capote). 

Last year, writer Micah Barnett sold his spec The Rabbit to WB for six-figures.  Chris Tucker (Rush Hour) is attached to star.  His Pipeline Recommend screenplay The Merc List was optioned as well by the producers of Paranormal Activity.

Through the Database and Workshop, scores of other writers have found paid assignments and gained agency and management representation with Script Pipeline's network of high-level industry contacts.



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Recent Script Sales - November

          Woody      GodzillaWaldo

Plenty of novel adaptations mark the over 100--yes, 100--November script sales, yet perhaps the most exciting (and odd)  is an adaptation of the mega-popular children's "book" Where's Waldo?  An actor has not yet been found, but he's probably hiding behind something red and white.  Writer and longtime Script Pipeline partner Alejandro Seri sold his thriller Final Girl, Prospect Park producing.  One of the most underrated Stephen King novels, Rose Madder, is headed to production, and Leonardo Da Vinci will finally get a biopic.

Other script sales include:

-Starship Troopers fans? We know you're out there.  The film will get a re-boot.  Sony and Original Film to produce.

- What's the last thing anyone living in California needs to see? Correct: San Andreas 3D.  It's classified as disaster, but horror would apply as well.

- Woody Woodpecker and Popeye will get the supreme CGI treatment in a new animated film.

- Godzilla. . . yes, again. 

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