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March Newsletter

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1) CALL FOR ENTRIES: Great Movie Idea Contest 

2) FINAL DEADLINE: May 1st - Writing Competitions

3) LAST CHANCE: Discounted Entry - Pitchfests

4) Script Sales - February

5) Script Pipeline Recommends: Stage32

6) SUCCESS STORIES: Contest Finalists Option Scripts

CALL FOR ENTRIES: Great Movie Idea Contest



(1) Grand Prize Winner
$1,500 and pitch meetings with major production companies

(4) Runners-Up
One-on-one development assistance with Script Pipeline execs and industry circulation

DEADLINE: July 15th, 2012


Pitching to the industry is how films get made.

The Great Movie Idea Contest connects you with A-level producers looking for new concepts to develop. The old adage, "there are no rules in Hollywood" applies here: any subject matter or genre accepted.

Script Pipeline has always been about access, linking talented screenwriters with the proper channels in the hopes of selling their work. Now, all you need is a single, awesome concept.

One first place winner and four runners-up will be announced in August, 2012.


Anything from a one-sentence logline to a full treatment or outline. Video pitches also accepted (and encouraged).  Please do not send full-length screenplays. 


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FINAL DEADLINE: May 1st - Screenwriting & TV Writing Competitions

*$20,000 cash, $80,000 in prizes*

*Finalist scripts reviewed by 200 companies*

*Robert De Niro starring in winning script Killing Season*

New Writers Database members get TWO FREE ENTRIES
(expires March 17th; email with promo code "Newsletter")

2012 Screenwriting Competition

DEADLINE: May 1st - Entry fee $50

With more major writer success stories in the past two years than any other competition, the 10th Annual Script Pipeline Screenwriting Contest sets its sights on discovering up-and-coming creative talent and connecting them with top production companies, agencies, and managers.

Recent success stories this past February include 2011 winner Matthew Bozin and 2010 finalist Tony Boland optioning their feature screenplays. The 2008 winning screenplay Killing Season is currently in production, starring Robert De Niro and John Travolta.

In 2010, former contest winner Evan Daugherty sold his spec Snow White and the Huntsman to Universal for $3 million, and winner Tripper Clancy was hired by Fox as a comedy writer after securing representation with Script Pipeline industry partner FilmEngine

2011 winner Tyler Smith signed with a manager and WME agent in September, and the 2011 finalist script Shed was optioned.



2012 TV Writing Competition

DEADLINE: May 1st - Entry fee $50

Now in its 5th year, the Script Pipeline TV Writing Competition is searching for the best in TV material. Accepted entries include reality or idea proposals, spec scripts for existing shows, and original pilots.



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LAST CHANCE: Discounted Entry - Secret Door Pitchfests

Secret Door Pitchfest - May, June, & August

Secret Door Pitchfest
presented by Script Pipeline


2012 Dates:

May 12th, June 23rd, August 4th


After a hugely successful 2011, the Secret Door Pitchfest returns this summer to Los Angeles with three convenient options in May, June, and August.  Pre-register to one or more events before April 1st for a discounted rate. 

Previous companies have included Lakeshore Entertainment, Gersh, Principal Entertainment, FilmEngine, Darko, Bold Films, and other high-end production companies, managers, and agents.

Everyone attending will receive the following:

--One-on-one meetings with 20-30 companies (confirmed list TBD)

--Pitch consultation with a Script Pipeline Development Exec ($100 value)

--1-year Script Pipeline Writers Database membership ($100 value)

--Two (2) FREE entries to the 2012 Script Pipeline Screenwriting or TV Writing Competitions ($100 value)

*Spaces limited to 100 writers*


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Recent Script Sales - February

 Top Gun          Jetsons          Jim Brown

A good mix of genres, from comic adaptations to family comedies, fill what was a busy February for script sales.  The Jetsons are coming to theaters from WB--live action to boot.  Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson may be teaming up again in the comedy Interns.  Catherine Hardwick returns with a script set against LA's music scene, Evan Rachel Wood starring.  And the potential cast of the musical comedy One Hit Wonders includes Gwyneth Paltrow, Andy Samberg, Reese Witherspoon, and Beyonce.  Sounds about right, albeit Samberg seems to be the curve ball in that one.

Other script sales include:

- Hilarity returns in The Muppets 2.  No word yet on returning human cast.

- Maybe the most promising concept from February: The Curiosity, based on the to-be-published novel about a man frozen for 100 years returning to modern society.  Fox to produce.

- A sports bio on the legendary Jim Brown.  Hal Lieberman producing.

- It didn't even take two decades: a sequel to the 80s hit Top Gun.

View more script sales

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Script Pipeline Recommends: Stage32


No matter what your occupation in the industry, Stage32 is a fantastic site composed of filmmakers, writers, actors, directors, and other creatives.  Script Pipeline highly recommends taking part in this networking community.  Best of all, it's FREE to join.  More from partner Stage32 below.  Click the banner above to sign up. is the fastest growing network for film, television and theater creatives.  Over the past 5 months, nearly 40,000 talented people from more than 175 countries have joined the Stage 32 movement.  Stage 32 is exclusively for seasoned pros, motivated industry newcomers and film students to gather, discuss new ideas and develop great projects.  We join actor with director, director with producer, and producer with cast and crew.

Stage 32 helps you stay informed, grow your network, and use your connections to help you find work or get projects off the ground.  It’s like Facebook meets Linked-In for creatives! As the saying goes, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

Stage 32:  The social network uniquely populated with the most creative people on Earth.

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SUCCESS STORIES: Contest Finalists Option Scripts

Two recent Script Pipeline Screenwriting Competition finalists optioned their feature screenplays in February.

After securing a spot in the contest's top 20, 2010 Screenwriting Competition finalist Tony Boland optioned his screenplay "Sleeping Beauty" to Cobblestone Films.

Most recently, 2011 winning screenplay Granite Falls, written by Matthew Bozin, was optioned by producer Elise Salomon (Smashed).

Like all finalists, Matthew and Tony received industry exposure to over 200 companies.

"The recognition of winning Script Pipeline has been a great avenue for [Granite Falls]," Matthew said.  "I’ve caught the attention of some creative executives and have had a couple meetings out of it, which leads to more relationships and more people I can send my next script to."

Read Script Pipeline's interview with Matthew Bozin here.

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