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July Newsletter

In This Issue

1) Finalists Announced: Screenwriting / TV Contests 

2) DEADLINE July 15th: Great Movie Idea Contest

3) Script Sales - June

4) Secret Door Pitchfest - August 4th, Hollywood

5) COMING SOON: Student Screenwriting Competition

7) Writers Database: New Companies Added 

FINALISTS ANNOUNCED: Screenwriting & TV Writing Competitions

Another huge season for Script Pipeline's main writing competitions, with over 3,500 entries combined. 

Although we've seen plenty of remarkable scripts over the past 12 years, 2012 was unprecedented as far as the quality fo writing. Toward the end of judging, our readers quickly realized it would be no easy task to narrow down the field--great material was in no short supply. 

This was also the first year the TV Writing Competition had original pilots in ALL ten finalist slots, beating out a number of phenomenal specs.

The grand prize winners will be announced August 4th, 2012 at the Secret Door Pitchfest in Los Angeles, CA.

Congratulations to all the finalists, and thanks to everyone who entered!

Screenwriting Finalists:

19 Floors by Lee Brandt / Christopher Lawrence
Banking on Betty by Eugene Scala
Bookworm by Sharon Clark
Bowl Breakers by Thesy Surface
DumDum by James Abrams
Hold Up! by Jason Kaleko
Jesse James vs. Jack the Ripper by Alasdair McMullan
Natureboy by Brett Wagner
Night Witch by Tom Stein
Red Hats by Michael Toay / Travis Mann
Superstition by Kevin C Jones
The Alumni by George Nicholis
The Highwayman by Dale Pitman / Glenn Benest
The Hitman's Cookbook by Ben Phelps / Gabriel Dowrick
The Synth House Wife by Jason Vaughn
Totaled by Andy Demsky
Twin Cities by Marc Conklin
Underground by Paul Connor / Josh Chesler
Vital Signs by Peter Floro
Wreckless by Andrew Eisen

TV Finalists:

Clyde by Jason Skorski
Concierge by Alex Pickering / Lea Dizon / Matthew Breault
Freebird by Simon Kay
Hush by Jessica St. James
Naked Guys by Michael Levin
Poker Face by Nick Alioto
Super Phillainy by Jeffrey Meurer
The Anti-Social Network by Jennifer Ruisch
The Exotic Detective by Joe Downey
The Tao of Max Stone by Dean Alioto

For the list of randomly-selected prize winners, click here.

The 2013 Competitions open September 1st.

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DEADLINE JULY 15th: Great Movie Idea Contest


Script Pipeline has helped writers sell $4 million in scripts to studios over the last 10 years--now's your chance to get your concept into development.

The Great Movie Idea Contest connects you with top film producers looking for new concepts. The old adage, "there are no rules in Hollywood" applies here: all subject matter and genres accepted. 

Pitches can be anywhere from a single, one-sentence logline, to a full treatment, to a brief video pitch.  Ideas may be wholly original, based on a public domain story, or adapted from a novel.  Both screenwriters and non-screenwriters are welcome to submit.

One grand prize winner and four runners-up will be announced in August, 2012.  All finalists receive development assistance from Script Pipeline executives, and the winner gets personal, 1-on-1 meetings with top production companies.


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Recent Script Sales - June


Marvel's back on the development horse with a few perhaps lesser-known projects, but potentially big franchises: The Human Fly and Guardians of the Galaxy, based on the popular (more or less) comic series.  Also headed for screen adaptation: Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, which doesn't need explanation for those of you who had a computer in the 80s.  Jennifer Lopez may star as the renowned thief.  In the world of sports, Casey Affleck has optioned the rights to Josh Hamilton's inspirational life story as a top prospect, turned drug addict, turn MLB star.  Draft Day, with Ivan Reitman directing, about the Buffalo Bills GM trying to secure the number one draft pick.  How about a Bills Super Bowl movie, Reitman?  Let the world live the dream once.

Other script sales include:

- The sequel to Script Pipeline contest-winner Evan Daugherty's Snow White and the Huntsman 

- It only took several decades, but. . . Sesame Street: the movie.

- Universal is producing a Moby Dick project.  Casting for the whale should be a nightmare.

- And this just sounds awesome. Skyscraper: a group of Chicago steelworkers must save the city from a collapsing mile-high structure.

View more script sales 

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Secret Door Pitchfest - August 4th - LIMITED SPACES

Secret Door Pitchfest - May, June, & August

Secret Door Pitchfest
presented by Script Pipeline

August 4th, 2012 


The 10th Annual Secret Door Pitchfest is coming this summer to Los Angeles, August 4th.  Pitch your scripts and ideas DIRECT to industry reps, including agents, managers, and producers.

SPACES ARE ALMOST FULL.  Previous attendees have included Lakeshore Entertainment, Gersh, Principal Entertainment, FilmEngine, Darko, and other top execs searching for film and TV writers.  This year's group will be comprised of even more high-level production companies and managers.


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COMING SOON: Student Screenwriting Competition

Start paying closer attention in Screenwriting 101. . . .

The Script Pipeline Student Screenwriting Competition is open to qualified students enrolled in any university, film school, or graduate program.  One winner will receive industry circulation and $1,000 cash.

Launching this July, the student contest joins the long-running Screenwriting / TV Writing Competitions, as well as the Great Movie Idea Contest, which debuted in 2011.

More info coming this summer.

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Talentville Partners with Script Pipeline for Logline Reviews 

From founder Ben Cahan. . . .

For the past few months, we have been doing weekly logline surgery at, helping writers improve their loglines on script at a time. 

What is Talentville?  An online screenwriting community developed by the creator and co-founder of Final Draft, where every member is both a screenwriter and creative executive.  The mission of Talentville is simple:  to build a “city’ of writers that combines networking, feedback, education and a script rating system to help you hone your skills and make your projects “Industry” ready. 

The site already has over 3700 members and 1000 screenplays, with a growing list of agents and producers on the lookout for great projects and talented newcomers.  If you need some feedback on your script before you enter a contest or take the plunge and pitch it to Hollywood, become a member at Talentville (basic memberships are free) and see how your projects stack up. 

Never know, we might end up giving your logline a polish!

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New Companies Added: Script Pipeline's Writers Database 

Companies looking for new material and considering new writers include:

OddLot Entertainment
Immersion Management

Humble Journey Films

Vision Art Management

Become a member and view over 1,000 more listings for agents, managers, and producers. 

(use promo code "Newsletter" for 10% off membership)

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