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October Newsletter

In This Issue

1) Great Idea Contests - Deadline Nov. 1st

2) Script Pipeline Interview: Andy Demsky

3) Script Sales - September

4) SPECIAL OFFER: 50% OFF Copy Editing

5) Writers Database: New Companies Added

CALL FOR ENTRIES: Great Idea Contests - Deadline 11.1.2012

2012 GREAT MOVIE IDEA  -   Early Deadline: November 1st, 2012

The 3rd Bi-Annual Great Movie Idea Contest connects you with top producers looking for new concepts to develop. The old adage, "there are no rules in Hollywood" applies here.

But one thing is certain: pitching great ideas to executives is how films get made. The contest gives its winners the best industry exposure possible, and Script Pipeline is proud to have A-level production companies and agencies reviewing our winners. Any subject matter or genre accepted. 


2012 GREAT TV SHOW IDEA  -   Early Deadline: November 1st, 2012

We’re in a new golden age of television, where innovative writers and creatives have greater opportunities to see their ideas produced.

The 1st Bi-Annual Great TV Show Idea Contest connects the winner with top television executives searching for series concepts--any genre or TV format, cable or network, accepted.

Extraordinary TV premises are a rarity, so all entrants are encouraged to think way outside the box, taking marketability, current trends, and the ingredients of long-running series into consideration. Come up with the next Lost, and you’re on the right track.


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Script Pipeline Interview: Writer Andy Demsky

One of the four winners of the 2012 Script Pipeline Screenwriting Competition, Andy Demsky fills us in on his script Totaled, his experiences in working with the industry, and what's so serious about writing comedy. . . .

Without giving away too much of the concept, what prompted you to come up with the idea for Totaled?

A few years ago, a friend was telling me how his car had been totaled and I should have been listening to him, but instead my internal English Major was geeking out on how much that one word packs into it. If you say your car is totaled, I know there was a wreck, probably pretty bad. There was surprise, fear, and uncertainty, maybe pain, but certainly drama. Someone got pissed, someone may have faked an injury. Police may’ve been called. The car had to go to a body shop for evaluation, phone calls had to be made to an insurance company, someone along the line shouted “This is bull!” and the owner is now faced with a lot of decisions and on and on. All this in just one word. An entire story outline.

From there, I thought, "What if a person could be totaled?" Deemed to be not worth the cost of repair. What kind of person would that be? What kind of world would that be?

Do you feel that, when writing a comedy, there should be a larger, serious purpose behind it all, or is the humor itself all that matters?

The comedies that stick with me most are the ones that have a similar density of storytelling as dramas, movies like In The Loop, Foot Fist Way, Humpday, Juno, Sideways, Waiting for Guffman, Election. What works best for me is when you push the tone of the story just past drama into comedy. I love how Alexander Payne, Jason Reitman, Jody Hill and others can get this very tricky thing right.

But that’s all personal preference. The truth is you can point to a lot of very successful comedies, that I also like, which story-wise don’t aim for 21-ounce-steak storytelling at all like Anchorman or Hot Tub Time Machine. So I think you can do either. Ultimately, it has to take the audience off-guard in ways that spark laughs.



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Script Sales - September

David Guggenheim      Nic Cage      Looney Tunes          

The extraordinary writer of Safe House, David Guggenheim, sold his high-concept action spec Black Box to Universal. Speaking of which, a sequel to Safe House in the works, with Ryan Reynolds possibly starring. Disney will produce a remake of The Flamingo Kid, and Warner Bros. on board for another crack at a live-action/animated Looney Tunes movie. Powerhouses Benderspink and Heyday Films team up on an adaptation of the soon-to-be-published teen sci-fi/adventure The Planet Thieves. And rounding on noted sales include a couple former Blacklist scripts: a period drama, The Imitation Game, and the action By Way of Helena.

Other script sales include:

-  Nic Cage is attached to the latest from Richard Kelly (Donnie Darko), the legal drama Amicus. Script Pipeline partner Darko Entertainment producing.

- Soon, movie audiences can witness the power of "trading up" in One Red Paperclip, how one man, through a number of trades, goes from owning a paperclip to owning a house.

- Waterman Entertainment (Alvin and the Chipmunks) taking on an adaptation of the series Mr. Ed.

- Roman Polanski writing and directing Venus in Fur. Shooting in France with a title like that, the dramedy is sure to be right up Polanski's alley.

View more script sales

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New Companies Added: Script Pipeline's Writers Database 

Companies looking for new material and considering new writers include:

 Andrew Lauren Productions
Castlight Pictures
Festa Entertainment
Resonating Films

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