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January Newsletter

In This Issue

1) New (Lower) Rates: Script Coverage & Writing Classes

2) Writer Interviews: Script Pipeline Contest Winners

3) Script Sales - December

4) Script Pipeline Recommends: Final Draft Discount

5) Writers Database: New Companies Added

New (Lower) Rates: Script Coverage and Writing Classes

Writers Workshop  

New year, new low rates on script coverage and writing classes.

The last several months of 2012 were HUGE for development at Script Pipeline. More and more writers got their screenplays and TV projects ready for industry circulation, with many finding interest from studio-level production companies and representation.

As we're looking keep the momentum and see more of our writers connect with Hollywood, we've permanently lowered the rate for both written script notes and personal, 1-on-1 script consultations. Writers Database members receive even bigger discounts.

For more info, visit:

Script Pipeline Writers Workshop
Script Pipeline Writing Classes

Recent Writers Workshop feedback:

"The critique is so professional and through. . . I appreciate the “no nonsense” upfront evaluation without whitewash promises and plan to resubmit when my revisions are complete." - Stan A.

"I have seen these notes as a chance to grow as a writer. . . thank whoever read this for giving me a reality check and a better idea of what I need to do in future scripts. Love what you guys are doing at Script Pipeline. Truly inspiring." - Jason A.

"Having received and thoroughly reviewed notes on all seven of my screenplays, I wanted to send my thanks and genuine compliments to Script Pipeline for offering such an incredible service for an affordable rate! [The notes] were detailed enough that I now have a clear picture of where my strengths and weaknesses are, offered with positive, inspiring suggestions I highly appreciate. . . . I don't know that I can fully describe how vital this kind of balanced guidance is for a writer striving to improve at the craft." - Kate C.

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Writer Interviews: 2012 Script Pipeline Contest Winners

Catch up on some enlightening interviews from Script Pipeline's 2012 Screenwriting Competition winners, all of whom are developing their work with producers or managers:

Jason Kaleko (Hold Up!)

"I have had minor successes with previous scripts in contests--quarterfinalist and semi-finalist rounds for various other submissions, but never far past that. I submitted Hold Up! to a few contests and received similar results, but was elated at the response from Script Pipeline. Perhaps it speaks to the subjectivity of comedy that Hold Up! garnered a Grand Prize at Script Pipeline and only a quarterfinalist or first round finish in other contests." 


Jason Vaughn (The Synth House Wife)

"While writing the first draft, I was influenced by my own life, and by the films and thoughts already running around in my memories; I didn’t actively watch any movies to get creative juices flowing. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Exotica, however, seemed to speak louder to me than other films, at that time. After the initial draft had gone through its first Script Pipeline contest, and then through additional consultations from development pros, I watched specific movies over and over, hoping to absorb something."


Andy Demsky (Totaled)

"Whoever said 'don’t sweat the small stuff' didn’t write screenplays. Every page, every scene, every word, every character, every idea is important and needs to be put under a microscope. I’ve re-written Totaled, in major ways, at least 25 times and in smaller ways too many times to count. And it’s still not right. You have to be your harshest critic."


Michael Toay & Travis Mann (Red Hats)

"The most difficult thing to overcome--once you’ve decided on an idea to write together--is what to cut. “Killing your babies” is hard for any writer, but having your writing partner try to kill your beloved moments is even worse.  Most of the time, Michael and I end up agreeing, but if there’s no consensus, we’ll let trusted readers chime in to break the impasse."


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Script Sales - December


A relatively unremarkable month for script sales, but some great projects in development nonetheless. A few teen/sci-fi scripts in the mix, including Monument 14, based on the recent novel, and Reboot, which will be published in 2013. Benderspink and Summit Entertainment co-producing the comedy Bitches 11, and Script Pipeline partner Thruline Entertainment managing the writer of recently sold Revoc, a sci-fi/thriller. Summit  producing as well, with Mandeville Films. Steve Carrell may also star in the based-on-a-true-story comedy about everyone in a small village winning he lottery--except one man. 

Other script sales include:

- 20th Century Fox adapting the sci-fi/thriller Theory of Everything, from the uber-cool comic series.

- Disney + sea creatures = inevitably heartwarming in Dolphin Boy, about dolphins nurturing the recovery of a young Arab boy.

- Can't wait to see the plot: Alice in Wonderland 2 has the green light. Joe Roth producing. 

- Jumanji officially getting a new rendition. Who else wants Robin Williams to reprise his role?

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Script Pipeline Recommends: Final Draft - Discount

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New Companies Added: Script Pipeline's Writers Database 

Companies looking for material and considering new writers in the Writers Database include:

 Roadside Attractions
Grand Pictures
Nomadic Pictures
Cobblestone Films

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