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February Newsletter

In This Issue

1) EARLY DEADLINE: Screenwriting & TV Writing

2) Winners Announced: 2012 Movie & TV Idea Contests

3) Writers Database Membership - Now 5 Years

4) Script Sales - February

5) Writers Database: New Companies Added

EARLY DEADLINE: March 1st, Screenwriting & TV Writing Competitions

*Winning script "Killing Season" releasing fall 2013 w/De Niro, Travolta*

*2012 Winner Signed with Benderspink*

*Over $4 million in spec sales from Pipeline alumni*

Now in its 11th year as one of the premier writing competitions, Script Pipeline sets its sights on discovering up-and-coming creative talent and connecting them with top production companies, agencies, and managers. This process has yielded remarkable successes for former finalists and served as a valuable outlet for industry execs in need of new material and fresh voices.

"I've found amazing new talent from the Script Pipeline competitions," said Benderspink's Jake Wagner. "I consider this contest FAR above the rest and have personally signed writers they've discovered, including Evan Daugherty (Snow White and the Huntsman)."

Evan's 2008 Script Pipeline Contest-winning script Killing Season, starring Robert De Niro, finished production and will be released fall 2013. Wagner also signed Jason Kaleko, last year's Screenwriting Competition winner.

"Entering contests can sometimes feel like jettisoning one's work into a faceless digital void," said Kaleko. "With Script Pipeline, this couldn't be further from the truth. From the personal call I received as a finalist to the career brainstorming and connections that they provide--Script Pipeline's support for its entrants is simply amazing."

As always, new members to Script Pipeline's Writers Database receive one FREE entry.



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Winners Announced: 2012 Movie & TV Idea Contests

Writers don't necessarily have an advantage in an idea contest--although sometimes, it can't hurt. . . .

On one hand: Matt Herrmann, a graphic designer with little experience in screenwriting, but an idea machine who came up with multiple fantastic concepts, one of which garnered him the Grand Prize in the 3rd Movie Idea Contest.

On the other hand: the winner of the 1st TV Show Idea Contest, Amber Yoder, actively looking for a career in TV writing and production.

The search was on for two great concepts, and both delivered exceptionally well.

"Every movie idea I come up with goes through this filter," said Matt. "Would I pay to see it at the theater? If not, I move on."

A good approach, and one that paid off for the Minnesotan who has over two decades of advertising experience.

"I started designing movie posters, which then turned into coming up with posters for movies that I wish existed. That got me writing the stories for those posters. After a few years, I had developed a full stable of ideas and posters across all genres. The Script Pipeline Movie Idea Contest came along, and the next thing I know, Matt Misetich is calling me to tell me I won. Pretty surreal."

A graduate of Long Island University's TV Writer's Studio, Amber plans on long-term involvement in the TV industry.

"Winning the Great TV Show Idea grand prize was a big confidence boost and has encouraged me to keep writing, writing, writing!" Amber said.

Her winning entry, Simon Says, an animated comedy, was inspired by "a twisted interest in cults" and larger-than-life personalities.

Both contests' runners-up threatened to claim the top spot on their way to rising above almost 1,000 other entrants, many of which submitted pitches with tons of potential as well. Runners-up receive additional, in-depth development assistance before circulation to studio-level production companies.

Keep an eye out. More Pipeline success stories coming soon. From writers and non-writers alike.

The 2013 Great Movie Idea and Great TV Show Idea contests are NOW OPEN for submissions: early (discounted) deadline is April 1st.

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Writers Database Membership Now 5 YEARS

Sign up for the Writers Database

It's possible for the undiscovered writer to get noticed--and Script Pipeline is here to help put a spotlight on your work.

From now until May 1st, new Writers Database members receive an extra 4 years for the same ultra-low price of $99.95 (less than $20/year). This includes one free entry to ANY Script Pipeline competition.

Script Pipeline "alumni" have sold over $4 million in spec scripts since 2000, all of which have been a direct result of Pipeline involvement.  With over 6,000 scripts and ideas passing through the company every year, we've served as a crucial gateway to Hollywood.

Now's our chance to continue garnering more and more success stories for the Pipeline writing community and see some extraordinary spec scripts sold and produced.


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Script Sales - January

JJ Abrams Lance Armstrong         Al Pacino, Joe Paterno

This was inevitabe, but may have happened a little sooner than most anticipated--and with an unlikely name at the helm: JJ Abrams' Bad Robot taking a bit of a genre turn with Cycle of Lies: The Fall of Lance Armstrong to be released through Paramount. Also proving that notorious true stories get the fast-track-to-development, Happy Valley will cover Joe Paterno and the Penn State scandal, with Brian De Palma directing and Al Pacino attached to play the legendary coach. And over a decade after the enthralling original, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2 set to go into production. The Weinsteins producing.  

Other script sales include:

- Apparently inspired by a mere illustration: the fantasy/family Teddy Bear, about a stuffed animal who protects its owner from monsters under the bed.

- Entourage the movie gets the green light. Mark Wahlberg co-producing. The original cast set to reprise their roles.

- MGM. Ben-Hur. That is all.

- Pirates of the Caribbean and the Terminator franchises will both see fifth installments.

View more script sales

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New Companies Added: Script Pipeline's Writers Database 

Companies looking for material and considering new writers in the Writers Database include:

Initial Entertainment
RPM International
Rice Films
Peter Hyams Productions
Atman Entertainment

Become a member and view over 1,000 more listings for agents, managers, and producers. New members also receive a FREE entry to any Script Pipeline Competition.

(use promo code "Newsletter" for 10% off membership)

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