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In This Issue

1) First Look Project: Winners Announced

2) Idea Contests Early Deadline, April 1st

3) Script Sales - February

4) Script Pipeline Recommends: TV Writers Vault

5) Writers Database: New Companies Added

First Look Project: 2012 Announcement

Action / Adventure – The Cause of it All by John Cruz & Mark Dormitorio

Adaptation –
Besa by Michael Miceli & Delson Armstrong

Comedy –
Space Cadet by Nived Ravikumar & Ben Stebor

Fantasy –
Rumpel by Lisa Garvey

Horror / Thriller -
Under Angels by Jace Daniel

Teleplay –
MFTV by Kristi Hall

All the writers are actively working with Script Pipeline execs to polish their material prior to circulation. This intensive development process guarantees only the best versions of the scripts will be reviewed by the producers, managers, and agents supporting the competition, a list that includes Vinson Films, Green Hat, Vertigo, Benderspink, Paradigm, Heyday, and more studio-level companies.

"We're serious about our comedy writing. But not too serious, because it's comedy and that would defeat the purpose," said Comedy category winners Nived Ravikumar and Ben Stebor. "Matt and the Script Pipeline team not only share our vision of what our screenplay Space Cadet could be, they have the savvy necessary to help us get it there before industry circulation. Winning the First Look Project in Comedy is the best thing that could have happened for our careers. Seriously."

Outside of their selected entries, many of the writers are submitting additional material for in-depth Pipeline review with the intent of providing more quality content for industry partners.

"It's clear that the team at Script Pipeline genuinely cares about nurturing the careers of new writers," Kristi Hall, winner of the Teleplay division, said. "I would recommend their contests to anyone who is serious about getting a leg up in the business.

As The First Look Project expands beyond ideas and scripts, the second season will have at least one new category: Media. Short films, webseries, pilot presentations, and other produced content to be accepted. Finding the next great writer is one thing--the next great director. . . ? Check back soon. 

NEXT SEASON OPENS: May 16th, 2013

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Idea Contests Early Deadline, April 1st

Great Movie Idea Contest

Early deadline for the Great Movie Idea and Great TV Show Idea Contests is April 1st. Grand Prize receives cash and, more importantly, circulation to top studio-level producers and managers looking to develop new material.

Last season's 2012 Great Movie Idea winner, Matt Herrmann, currently has his pitch in circulation.

"Since the contest, I've been excited at how eager and proactive the Pipeline team has been with getting my ideas in front of potential partners," Matt said. "I thought it would be a much longer, arduous process."

But the contests are not only about getting the idea in front of the right execs. They instead serve as a platform to give longer-term exposure for not only the finalists, but the runners-up as well.

Matt's working one-on-one with Script Pipeline's Director of Development to prepare additional concepts for industry review, and the 2012 Great TV Show winner, Amber Yoder, will also have other pitches and scripts reviewed for potential circulation.

All you need is a sentence. . . .

The 2013 Great Movie Idea and Great TV Show Idea contests are NOW OPEN for submissions: early (discounted) deadline is April 1st.

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Script Sales - February

        Whitey Bulger Johnny Depp         

It's a perfect world for novelists and those with incredible true stories. . . . A handful of fantasy/sci-fi specs in development, including The Drowned World, WB and Heyday producing, and the children's fantasy Tunnels, both based on novels of the same name. A new Fantastic Four coming soon. Newcomer Josh Trank (Chronicle) potentially at the helm. And Melissa McCarthy will try her hand at writing (and still starring, this time with real-life husband Ben Falcone) in Just Do It, about a married couple who plans to have sex for 101 straight days. Naturally, a romantic comedy.  

Other script sales include:

- A testament to the talents of the late John Hughes, Paramount and Roth films working on a rewrite of his script The Grisbys Go Broke.

- Barry Levinson directing a biopic on gangster Whitey Bulger. Johnny Depp attached.

- Keeping the video game adaptation trend alive: Spy Hunter, based on the popular Midway release. Dan Lin and Roy Lee producing.

- Universal wins another bidding war, this time for The Secret Garden. Guillermo del Toro to produce (and potentially direct?).

View more script sales

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Script Pipeline Recommends: TV Writers Vault

New partner and sponsor for Script Pipeline's TV Writing Competition. . . . is the first TV Industry website to bring new TV Show Ideas from everyday people to production and global broadcast on networks like Discovery Channel, SyFy, A&E, OLN, UKTV, TV4, and others. Site provides electronic proof of review and direct contact with requesting Producers from hundreds of major television companies using the site to scout new concepts for Reality TV and other genres.

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New Companies Added: Script Pipeline's Writers Database 

Companies looking for material and considering new writers in the Writers Database include:

Darko Entertainment
Kingman Films International
Management 360
Scene Bridge Entertainment
United Talent Agency (UTA)

Become a member and view over 1,000 more listings for agents, managers, and producers. New members also receive a FREE entry to any Script Pipeline Competition.


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