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1) Upcoming Contest Deadlines

2) Script Pipeline Interview: Haji Outlaw

3) Script Sales - September

4) 'Barmy,' Written & Directed by Pipeline Alum

5) Script Pipeline's Writers Database - Free Contest Entry

Upcoming Contest Deadlines


2013 First Look Project - Deadline: November 15th

2013 Script Pipeline Movie & TV Idea - Deadline: December 15th

2014 Script Pipeline Screenwriting & TV Writing - Early Deadline: December 31st

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Script Pipeline Interview: Haji Outlaw

Writers Workshop

Writer of the western/thriller "Deadmen," Script Pipeline's 2013 Screenwriting Contest Runner-up gives his thoughts on the future of the film industry, taking risks as a writer, and making transitions between genres. Haji is currently repped by 3 Arts Entertainment.

Do you think more writers should take risks on concepts? Should they worry much about marketability?

How far outside your writing comfort zone do you go, if at all? Is it important for writers to test their talents, so to speak? Or is it wiser to stick to your guns, write what you know, what you know you’re good at?

Where do you see the film industry headed with regards to the types of projects produced, studios and indies alike? In your experience, should a writer follow the trends?

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Script Sales - September


Script Pipeline Screenwriting Competition winner Tripper Clancy, who found representation with a Pipeline industry partner, sold The Ambassadors. Danny Boon will direct the 20th Century Fox-helmed ensemble comedy. Meanwhile, another Pipeline alum, Evan Daugherty, was hired to write GI Joe 3 for Paramount. Oscar Bait Alert: the Weinstein Company producing a biopic on acclaimed writer J.D. Salinger. Oscar Bait Alert Part II: DiCaprio may star in a biopic of Woodrow Wilson. And a ton of dramas--more than usual--round out the month.

Other script sales include:

- The original cast, all the way down to Jamie Foxx, will reprise their roles in a Horrible Bosses sequel.

- JK Rowling returns--her book Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, a prequel of sorts to Harry Potter, will hit the big screen.

- An adaptation of the video game Ghost Recon. Michael Bay to potentially direct.

- Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill tabbed to voice characters in Sausage Party. No word on which one's playing the sausage.

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'Barmy', Written & Directed by Pipeline Alum

For do-it-yourself filmmaker Russell Bailey, a former Script Pipeline assistant and manager, a script is never really done until it's been made.

But what if you don't have a million in the bank to shoot the script yourself? Russell answered that question with Barmy, a romantic comedy shot on a shoe-string budget. Using Kickstarter, social media, and his own piggy bank, Russell built a modest $10,000 budget to shoot the feature.

Barmy is a smart indie about a stubborn cartoonist forced to give up his independence and open himself up to the idea of friendship and the possibility of romance. It stars British actors Napoleon Ryan and Sherill Turner.

The film went on to receive critical acclaim at the Feel Good Film Festival, found distribution, and will premiere on iTunes October 3rd.

Watch the Trailer & Pre-Order the Film

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