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1) Idea Contests: Deadline 12/15

2) Pre-Register: August 2014 Secret Door Pitchfest

3) Script Sales - November

4) "Making Your Script More Castable"

5) Script Pipeline's Writers Database - Free Contest Entry

Idea Contests: Deadline - December 15th


Great Movie Idea Contest

The 5th Great Movie Idea Contest connects you with top studio producers, including execs from Lakeshore Entertainment (Million Dollar Baby), Vinson Films (Journey to the Center of the Earth), Benderspink (We're the Millers), and other major motion picture companies looking for new concepts to develop. Any genre or subject matter accepted--just think big. ENTER YOUR IDEA

Great TV Show Idea Contest

The 3rd Great TV Show Idea Contest connects the winner with top television executives searching for series concepts--any genre or TV format, live-action or animation, cable or network, is accepted. Extraordinary TV premises are a rarity, so all entrants are encouraged to take marketability, current trends, and the ingredients of a long-running series into consideration. Come up with the next Boardwalk Empire or Orange is the New Black, and you'll be sure to garner interest. ENTER YOUR IDEA

"Since winning the contest, I've been pleasantly surprised how easy the guys from the Pipeline have been to work with. I've been excited at how eager and proactive they've been with getting my ideas in front of potential partners. I thought it would be a much longer, arduous process."
- Matt Herrmann, Great Movie Idea Winner


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Pre-Register: August 2014 Secret Door Pitchfest


Event Package - $325 (until December 31st; limited to first 50 writers)

--Pitches to 20-30 companies (writers and writing teams given five minutes with each industry executive)
--Pitch consultation with a Script Pipeline Senior Analyst ($80 value)
--5-year Script Pipeline Writers Database membership ($100 value)
--Two (2) FREE entries to any Script Pipeline Competition ($100 value)

*Exact date in early August 2014 TBD; all pre-registration fees are refundable

Save an additional $50 with promo code "SecretLA"


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Script Sales - November


The superhero movie trend isn't going anywhere for a while, with a number of script sales based on comics/graphic novels, including Sleeper, to be produced by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. And after what is soon to be six Lord of the Rings films, Tolkien himself (well, an actor playing Tolkien) will hit the big screen in a biopic produced by Fox Searchlight. Napoleon, too, gets the biopic treatment. Rupert Sanders directing. Seems like this is the case every month, but it was far more noticeable in November: nearly 100% of script sales were either a pitch, an adaptation, or material based on a true story.

Other script sales include:

- For those who haven't heard of Key and Peele, you will soon, in a Judd Apatow-helmed project.

- You had us at "Untitled Stan Lee Pitch," Columbia Pictures.

- Monster High, based on the Mattel line of dolls.

- The Heat may not have lived up to critical expectations, but it's getting a spin-off film.

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Script Pipeline Partner: "Making Your Script More Castable"

From Pipeline partner Bonnie Gillespie at Cricket Feet Casting. . . .

When I cast low-budget indies, often getting a "name" attached is paramount to securing financing. The screenwriter can help me get that job done by making the script as castable as possible. How? It's gotta be clean (perfectly formatted with no errors), it's gotta take me on a great ride (even if it's not my favorite genre), and it's gotta be written with specific actors in mind for key roles. Even if your casting director is not able to *get* your top choice, that actor's voice coming through the words you've written can help us sway a "name" and get an attachment that can help immensely with distribution down the line.

The ninja move is to beef up a really delicious cameo role, because—especially on the low-budget indies—we're often able to afford a "name" actor who will only be on set for a day or two, whereas a lead role on our budget might break the bank, if we're to try to go too "namey" with the casting. Agents are more likely to give us access to their top actors for shorter-term commitments, too.

Of course, you're writing a great story that needs to be told, but with a few tweaks geared toward bringing together the best cast, you could change your screenwriting experience from creating a sweet script that few folks will see to creating a story that's seen—and loved—worldwide.

Bonnie Gillespie is a casting director, coach, and author in Los Angeles. The 4th edition of her latest book, Self-Management for Actors, is available for preorder at

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